How to receive post in Cardiff halls of residences

Posted 10 months ago

Unsure of how to receive your parcels and letters?

Living in Cardiff University Halls of Residence and unsure of how to receive your parcels and letters? This article will provide you with the delivery options available to you including Royal Mail, Amazon Hub Lockers, and other courier services. You will also find useful advice to help you navigate the delivery process and ensure that you never loose or miss a delivery!

  • Royal Mail

If you are residing in Cardiff University Halls of Residence, the reception team at your site will only accept Royal Mail deliveries. When your parcel is delivered, you will receive an email titled 'Talybont South Post' or similar with a number on the right hand side. You will need to provide this number as well as your Residences ID Card and Student Card to the receptionist to receive your parcel. Don't forget that you will need to collect your parcel within two working days and between Monday and Friday from 10:00 to 16:00!

An Example Email from Talybont South Post:


Residences ID Card:


Student Card:


Important: The reception team will not accept any parcel delivered by any other courier. 

  • Amazon

Some Amazon Hub Lockers are located on or nearby Cardiff University Halls of Residences, such as the 'Minsk' locker in Talybont South located by House 17. You can select for your order to be delivered directly to the locker. and collect it using the pickup code sent by email. You have up to 3 days to collect the package, after which it will be returned for a refund.

An Image of the Minsk Amazon Hub Locker in Talybont South: 

a close up of a amazon parcel locker

An Example Email from Amazon Hub Locker (including pickup code):

  • Other Couriers

As mentioned above, the Reception team will only accept parcels delivered by Royal Mail. Therefore, I suggest having your parcels delivered to a nearby shop, like Tesco or a Post Office, for safe delivery and convenient collection. It can also be cheaper to have your parcel delivered to a shop as opposed to your home address and it prevents the risk of a wrong delivery or a missed delivery while you are at university.

  • Letters

Any letters posted to you during your time in Halls of Residence will be placed in your postbox which you will can be opened with the key provided to you. You will not be notified if a letter is put in your postbox so I recommend checking your postbox regularly.

An Image of the Postbox at Talybont South:

a blue bench in front of a brick building