Posted 1 year ago

Diary of an International Student

As an international student, choosing the right destination and university for yourself can be a very difficult task. Moreover, the thought of leaving your home country and family and moving out can even make things more difficult. I was no exception. When I decided to study aboard, it took me months to finalise the destination and the university. I had so many things to take in consideration which are essential for anyone choosing to study abroad,  such as budget, language, culture, distance, university ranking etc. 

After months of research, the application process and waiting to hear from universities, I got an offer from my first choice which was Cardiff university. 

I was ecstatic but nervous. It was the beginning of a new journey. 

My journey as an international student from India has been great, with fair share of ups and downs. I have spent months being homesick, but, it is said that the sun always rises after rainy days (even though its quite hard to catch some sun here in Cardiff!)

I was surprised to see the strong student community and the cultural diversity Cardiff university and the city had to offer. For not even a single moment I have felt alone in the foreign land. 

Yes, it may be hard to find your place sometimes, which exactly what I struggled with. I felt lost on some days, but then when I looked around I felt it wasn't just me . University is a big change even for home students let alone for international students. 

Eventually things started falling into place, the sun started to shine (actually), I made great friends and everything just started feeling like it was meant to be! Different societies and student bodies in the university have always been such a support system for the students and I eventually found my support through the Res Life team. They were so welcoming with their events and support throughout the year which ultimately lead me to be a part of the Team myself. 

Now almost 2.5 years later I can say it gets easier day by day. You don't feel homesick anymore, you start liking your little self made life and sometimes you start liking the weather too……..

As an international student, I can say that I have found my home away from home! Yes there are days when I feel overwhelmed, but I am more proud of the fact that I worked so hard. I didn't give up and I found my place here! For the prospective students, I wish you all the best and keep in mind things like you are not alone. Everyday is a new start. It's never too late to meet new people, take a stroll to clear your mind, and it's definitely never too late to find your place. 

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! Take your sweet time to get used to a different culture and place, I promise you are not alone!

Good luck!