Posted 1 year ago

Being an international student in Cardiff

Being an international student in Cardiff has been such an enriching experience for me with many struggles in my path just like anyone else who leaves their country and starts a life from scratch in a different country. 

I love experiencing new cultures and learn more about them and through travelling so much over the past few years , I have started to appreciate cultural differences more so than ever. 

However it's very different to live in a place long term than just holidaying for few weeks. 

In India, the local transport is so efficient and easily accessible that people don't generally walk a lot, we have rickshaws, tuk-tuks , taxis, metro, buses etc. When I realised how much I have to walk in UK , I was shocked but honestly I fell in love with walking after a few weeks. The connectivity of buses within Cardiff is very good and easy to use. The people are so helpful and nice so you wont ever feel awkward in asking help for the way or bus routes. My biggest concern was food. Indian culture is so rich and is known for its spice and aroma rich food , when I arrived here and saw how diverse Cardiff city is I knew that I wouldn't have to worry too much about food more so because I knew how to cook. There are so many nice south Asian restaurants on City Road and some in the city centre too. 

The only thing that has been a struggle for me in the last 2 years in Cardiff has been the weather here. Unlike India, here the weather is all over the place. You can't really predict what the weather is going to be like, it can rain anytime so always be prepared with your coats and umbrellas. 

Despite many differences between India and the UK , this experience has been so rewarding , knowledgeable and gratifying I wouldn't change a thing about it. I have gained unparalleled experiences and great friends whilst learning the subject I love. Being an international student takes courage and effort and once you believe in yourself nothing is impossible!