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Why are my clothes NOT DRYING?

By ItascaRLA 06 Mar 2023

We know doing laundry is hard. It’s excruciatingly complex if the machine is not working. So here are some bits of advice on what you can do before and after to save money and time when it comes to doing your laundry.

1. Check washing tags on your garments 

Washing symbols will give you big hints on what cycle you should choose on the washing machines or tumble dryer. Making sure you check them before doing your laundry will save you a lot of money and time. We have an Instagram post below which summarizes and simplifies the most common washing symbols.

2. Follow the instructions on the machines

There is usually a guideline next to the machine door. It's a guideline to help you prevent overloading or underloading the machine for washing or drying. Make sure not to overfill the washing machine or tumble dryer. As this can result in your laundry coming out damp and you have to spend more time and money on it.

I would recommend filling the tumble dryer to half, especially if your garments are heavy and thick, eg. denim or jacket, it will be harder to dry. 

3. Report a Fault

What if you follow all the instructions and the machine is still not working?

First, you can try calling Circuit Laundry on 01422 820 026 or contact them on their website with the LiveChat function. You may also want to report a fault by filling out this form asap, (best within 48 hours).

But, from my experience, it is always best to fill in the 'report a fault' form for easier follow-up. (Believe me, I have done it so many times...) In the case of getting a refund or reporting a fault, the form will be the best option and they will need you to provide very detailed information about what happened via email.

You can request a refund/ report to them if any of the below situations happened:

  • Garments got damaged after washing or drying
  • Garments did not wash/ dry properly even though you followed all the instructions
  • Credits on your card/ app got deducted but the machine is not starting

Check the Circuit Laundry FAQs for more information.



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