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Where to get ice cream in Cardiff

By ThanoushaRLA 10 May 2023

Love ice cream? Look no further as we’ve put together a list of the best ice cream places in Cardiff, to satisfy your ice cream fix! We hope you enjoy reading through our picks while the sun is still shining – we’ve also included a range of fabulous vegan options to cater for dietary requirements 😊

1) Calabrisella Gelateria

Calabrisella Gelataria serves fresh Artisan Italian ice cream with a range of delicious flavours in a cone, cup or brioche bun. They also offer many desserts including crepes and waffles and in their range of freshly homemade patisserie they offer custom ice cream cakes. This gelateria opened recently and is a part of the popular Calabrisella Cardiff franchise. Located in Canton, you can find one of their pizzeria branches opposite!

Popular Flavours:

-       Caramello Salato (Salted Caramel)

-       Nocciola (Hazelnuts)

-       Stracciatella (Milky flavours with dark chocolate chip)

-       Amarena (Cherries and cream)

2) Joes Ice Cream

Made in Wales since 1922, Joe’s Ice Cream has been serving their signature vanilla ice cream with the same recipe for almost 100 years! This perfected recipe has won numerous awards and remains an ever-popular flavour in Wales. It is also used in their dazzling range of ice cream cakes which are made to order. To find out more about the historic origins and heritage of Joes Ice Cream, check out the timeline on their page.

Popular flavours:

-       Signature vanilla

-       Raspberry ripple

-       Welshcake

-       Vegan chocolate

3) Daisy and Belle

Daisy and Belle is an award winning ice cream business and they are extremely popular for their use of Welsh double cream or vegan alternative, both of which have been reviewed as fabulously rich creamy! They often cater at events where you can find their vintage ice cream van or traditional ice cream tricycle. They offer seasonal flavours for Easter and Christmas which can be requested for special custom orders.

Popular flavours:

-       Tiramisu

-       Peanut butter and salted caramel

-       Vegan coconut, caramel and biscoff

-       Vegan almond and cherry bakewell

4) Cadwaladers

Cadwaladers is a popular chain of ice cream stores, starting in 1927 North Wales with their secret vanilla ice cream recipe. They offer a range of ice cream flavours with gluten free cones and vegan options, which can be made into custom sundaes. They also offer a unique product called their ‘ice cream burger’ made from a toasted sweet brioche bun, signature vanilla ice cream, lotus biscuit sauce, fresh cream and lotus crumble – available with a vegan option! You can find their stores in Cardiff Bay and Barry Island.

Popular Flavours:

-       Welsh vanilla ice cream

-       Sticky toffee pudding

-       Vegan strawberry

5) Grumpys Gelato – Goodsheds

Grumpys Gelato is a dessert bar and sister shop to popular Welsh Businesses Friends in Knead and The Early Bird. Located in the Container Village of Goodsheds Barry, this sustainable urban high street is worth visiting on your next trip to Barry Island! Grumpys Gelato is extremely popular for their gelato desserts, including their Brookie Sandwich and warm brioche doughnuts stuffed with a scoop of gelato! They cater towards dietary requirements and have vegan options.

Popular Flavours:

-       Brookie dough

-       Peanut butter and jelly

-       Strawberry Cheesecake


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