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Where to find Halal food

By ResLife 17 Sep 2020

Looking for Halal food in Cardiff?

Look no further. Moving to a new city or area can be a bit tricky when trying to find specific food. You should familiarise yourself with a road in Cardiff which mainly contains shops that sell all kinds of Halal food. Below is a map of where you can find it. Located in Plasnewydd, City Road is close to most of student accommodations.

Among those shops, I personally recommend International Food Centre and City Bakery. As an international student myself, I always feel at home when shopping at those two supermarkets. The former supermarkets always have everything I need - from fresh meats to items you cannot find in Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Moreover, you will find a ton of great restaurants which serve exclusively Halal food. A tip for finding Halal restaurants, not just on City Road, would be to look for chicken shops with a Halal food stamp on the front façade of the store. 

Finally, the KFC on Queen Street recently got a Halal certification, so that is great!