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Vegans on a budget

By ResLife 17 Sep 2020

As students, being on a budget is normal. It is a stereotype to say that vegetables are expensive and that you need to eat a lot of it until you get full. First off, to stay under budget, you need to shop at places like Lidl or Aldi. Here are some vegan recipes which will be under a fiver. 

1. Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese 

a plate of food on a table

Who doesn’t like spaghetti? Traditionally, minced beef is used to make a Bolognese. For a vegan version, you can either use some frozen mixed veggies pack or even soya mince (around £2). The spaghetti itself is about 20p, and you can get a jar of ready pasta sauce for 75p. That makes you about 4 days’ worth of food.

2. Mixed Bean Fajitas

Cooked Food On Blue Plate

Beans are a high source of protein and having them in vegan meals is almost essential to stay at a good level of protein and remain healthy. A tin of mixed beans is about 70p, and a pack of tortillas is about £1. You can buy a ready fajita seasoning mix which is also under £1. Anything after this is optional. You can add in bell peppers, onions, a squeeze of lime and even jalapenos. 

3. Sweet Potato Curry With Spinach and Chickpeas

Cooked Rice and Curry Food Served on White Plate

For this recipe, your base ingredients will be onions, sweet potatoes, spinach and a tin of chickpeas. Always look for a pack of seasoning mix as they will contain what you need and are much cheaper than buying all kinds of spices separately - which you would only use for one recipe.

4. Vegan Chili

Meat Dish

A tin of mixed beans and tomato passata (sauce) form your base ingredients for this recipe. You can add any seasoning mix you like: jalapenos or carrots. You can even add in some soya mince to fill it with more protein. 



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