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The best restaurants in Cardiff

By ResLife 17 Sep 2020

Here are the best restaurants around, in no particular order...

1. Viva Brazil

Set in the City Centre, this is a Brazilian restaurant which serves meat for you until you tell them to stop. They offer an unlimited supply of 14 authentic Brazilian barbeque meats served to your table straight from the charcoal and an open salad bar with tons of options. If you go in the weekdays for lunch, the price is £16.95 per person. For the Halal eaters, if you call the restaurant before 5 days of visiting, they can get you Halal meats. 100% worth trying, though perhaps not if you're not a meat eater!

2. Deli Fuego

Serving a combination of Mediterranean cuisine, Deli Fuego is based on City Road. Having a massive menu with a lot of options, this restaurant does it all right. They do all kinds of lunch deals, with 10% off for students. All you must do is show your student ID. All their food is Halal certified as well.

3. Hollywood Pizza

Although this is a takeout restaurant, it makes great food for good prices. You can get a medium pizza, side and a drink for £6.50. Yes, that is correct! They offer a lot of options and meal deals. A personal favorite would be their burgers. Literally any burger tastes good and is made fresh. This restaurant is on Crwys Rd, near Roy Jenkins Hall of Residence, and their entire menu is made with Halal ingredients.

4. Miller & Carter

If you are craving a good steak, this is the place you should go. It is more expensive than the other restaurants listed, but you get what you pay for. This restaurant is in the City Centre as well. Given that it is a steakhouse and offers a ton of meats, they do serve vegetarian options as well.

5. The Hellenic Eatery

Greek food; how can you go wrong? It is a very cozy, modern restaurant with quality food and great service. Based on Crwys Road, it is close to most of student accommodations and houses. Their prices are reasonable for students as well. If you do not have time to dine in, you can get a delicious wrap for about £5 to enjoy on the go.

6. Pooja 

This restaurant serves vegetarian Indian food. Their prices are very ideal for students. Having eaten there a few times, I would highly recommend it. You can literally get 3 samosas for £1! The restaurant can be found on Albany Road. They also have a wide variety of Indian desserts, which are great as well.

7. Coco Gelato

Where are my dessert lovers at? This restaurant has it all. You are in for an Italian desserts experience. Ice cream, waffles and shakes to name a few. The prices are also pretty good, and their food is absolutely delicious! 

8. Al Sham Sweets

Any Arab dessert fans? To my knowledge, they are the only restaurant that does authentic Arab desserts. It has a very nice atmosphere, and they have a huge variety of sweets. If you are familiar with the kind of sweets they serve, you will feel at home 100%. Like most of the amazing restaurants, Al Sham Sweets also lies in City Road.

9. Sushi Life 

For all the sushi lovers out there, this one is for you. If you have got some free time and are craving some good quality sushi, this is the place I would recommend. This restaurant is near Albany Road, so it is a walking distance from most accommodations.

10. Breatos

Located in the Students’ Union, this restaurant is close to pretty much everyone. When it comes to Mexican food, Breatos is worth a try. They have a variety of proteins, toppings and sauces to make your perfect burrito, just how you like it. Like to go healthier? Go for their burrito bowls! Halal eaters, this restaurant serves halal chicken and beef options as well!

11. Calabrisella

Who doesn’t love pizza? What about an authentic Italian Pizza in heart of Cardiff? Then Calabrisella is the right choice! It’s an Italian Pizzeria that serves more than just pizzas.

There’s a wide selection of Italian dishes: from pasta to breakfast options, soft drinks, spirits and a wide range of vines. They are a vegetarian-friendly restaurant and offer vegan options as well. You also get the option to customize your pizzas!  Deffo try the one with tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. It’s my favourite! 

12. Anatoni’s Pizzeria

Anatoni’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizzerias in Cardiff (according to me). It’s located on Albany Road, so at a reasonable distance from most of the Uni residences. It’s suited to most budgets as it’s not overpriced at all when compared to the food quality. 

They also have the takeaway options! Plus, they make a delicious tiramisù! 

13. Shaam Nights

Craving something different from the usual and want something that’s a little bit up-market from the usual city restaurants? Then add Shaam Nights to your must go restaurant list! It’s a Syrian and Lebanese restaurant so menu is fully halal. You get wide variety of selection: from shawarma wraps to biryanis, grilled meat, moussaka, vine leaves and much more. Plus, the traditionally decorated atmosphere adds a unique elegant dining experience.