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The BEST gaming consoles

By ResLife 11 Dec 2020

During your first year at university, you might find that you have more free time free than you expected. If I were to compare my first to second years of university, second year was a lot busier with lectures, assignments and exams.

As I found myself free most of the time in first year, I resorted to gaming since I have been a gamer for a long time. I suggest gaming for anyone who has a ton of free time as going out might not always be available since your friends might not be as free as you are. For those who do not know much about gaming and would like to know more, I am going to give more information here about the different consoles available.

PlayStation 4


Being my personal console of choice, I might be biased towards it but I am going to try not to be. 

  • Sony made this console in 2013. 
  • Being the world’s best-selling console, the PS4 attracted millions worldwide for its price, graphics and ease of use. 
  • It now goes for about £250 in the UK, which is cheaper than other consoles. 
  • Compared to Xbox, the controllers require to be charged while the Xbox controllers require batteries. 

As it is pretty impossible to have the perfect console, it does have some cons. 

  • In order to play online (multiplayer) games, you will need to pay for a subscription (PS Plus). 
  • The games themselves are not that cheap either. 

I honestly would recommend waiting for the PS5 to come out as it has already been announced and purchasing it would be worth it.

Xbox One

Xbox controller

Being a competitor of Sony for a long time, Microsoft released the Xbox One in 2017.

  • In comparison with the PS4, Xbox One is a quieter console in terms of its fan sound. The PS4 could get loud after having it for a while as a result of the fan being dirty. The Xbox however manages to be quieter. 
  • In my opinion, the Xbox controllers are better and more comfortable. 
  • Similar to the PS4, a subscription must be purchased to be play online. 
  • You can buy it for about £250 now.
  • The console itself is heavier than the PS4, if that is something you care about. 

Microsoft is also announcing its newest console, which is yet to come out, called ‘Xbox Series X’.


a close up of a computer screen

Another platform for gaming could be on a computer. 

  • In order to have a good and smooth experience playing on a PC, you will need to buy a gaming PC. 
  • To purchase everything you require for a gaming PC, the price is going to be substantially higher than a console! 
  • Those who are familiar with PC gaming will not be surprised as you need peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse as well as of course the PC itself. However, PC gaming is like no other. 
  • You have access to the biggest range of games. 
  • All games on consoles can be found on the PC while not all PC games have console versions. 
  • If you are looking to be a professional gamer, PC is the platform where you are most likely to be noticed. 
  • You do not require a subscription to play online here. 
  • As you can probably imagine, PCs are the least portable of all 3 platforms. 

While there are more consoles out there such as Wii or Nintendo Switch, it would be an unfair comparison as not all games are available on those consoles.



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