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Dorm Room


Talybont South Ensuite Bedroom: A Video Tour!

By EmilieRLA 11 May 2023

If you have accepted an offer to study at Cardiff University and are in the process of preparing for the move to university accommodation, the following video showcases what a bedroom in Talybont South looks like and what to expect:

1. Single Bed

Each bed in Talybont South is a single bed. You will be provided with bed frame, mattress and a mattress protector sheet. If you have not requested a bed pack, you will need to purchase a single duvet, single duvet cover,  a pillow and pillow cover. I wouldn't recommend buying a double duvet, as the bedroom is compact and can become quite warm even in the colder months!

2. Storage under Bed

There is no storage space beneath the beds in Talybont South. However, there is room to store your belongings if you use vacuum packs or under-bed storage bags. It is unlikely that under-bed storage boxes not will fit. I have bags that are similar to the Amazon ones linked below, and I can fit three of them underneath my bed.

Click here to view Under-Bed Storage Bags on Amazon.

3. Noticeboard

There is a large noticeboard in the bedroom. If you wish to hang any poster or pictures, you will need to purchase pins.

    4. Desk and Chair

    There is large desk for you to study and you will be provided with a chair to sit at the desk. The chair is not mobile,  but the height and backrest can be adjusted. 

    5. Shelving and Drawers

    There is ample shelving space on the wall near the bed and above the desk. Three large drawers are also available for storing belongings.

    6. Wardrobe

    The wardrobe in the room is relatively small and does not include with hangers, so it's important to remember to bring your own. To optimise the wardrobe's hanging space, I find that plastic hanger connector hooks work well. However, there's no need to worry if most of your clothes need to be folded, as each flat is equipped with an iron and ironing board.

    Click here to view Plastic Hanger Connector Hooks on Amazon.

      7. Bathroom

      Other than towels, no other specific purchases are necessary for the bathroom. Personally, I wouldn't recommend buying a soap dish, toothbrush holder, shower caddy or a bath mat as the bathroom's design  is similar to that of a wet room, and these items often become damp and mouldy. The bathroom will be equipped with a toilet brush, toilet roll holder, hooks and a towel rail. 

      8. Bin

      There's also a bin in every room.




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