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Please note: all photos were taken pre-covid and social distancing.

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Talybont North Student Guide

By ResLife 22 Sep 2020

Hello new resident of Talybont North or Talybont Gate!

First off, we are the Residence Life Team, and we would like to congratulate you for securing a place to study here at Cardiff University, and more importantly for deciding to live in Talybont. For your information, Talybont is probably the most popular university accommodation in the whole of Cardiff! Even if Talybont was not your first choice, we are here to ensure that you have a wonderful, happy, healthy, and safe time here with us.

The following is a guide to what it is like to live in Talybont. It has been written and developed by students, like yourself, who have lived in university accommodation and know what it is like. It includes things like what you should expect living here, what we expect of you living here, an answer to general queries, and some tips and secrets to make your time with us at Talybont as memorable as possible! 

One very important thing before we move on: the proper Welsh pronunciation for Talybont is Tal-uh-bont not Tal-ee-bont! Visit this link to listen to the proper pronunciation:

Map of Talybont North and Gate

a close up of a map

This map is mostly self-explanatory, and it is very helpful when you move into the residences. It has two walking entrances: one from the residence side and one from the main entrance. However, the main entrance has a car gate as well, in case you have a car.

For context, here is the map for your neighbouring accommodation, which you may walk through regularly on the way into main campus or town:

Parking Facility:

There is a limited parking facility available on site. Students must apply for a parking permit before moving in. Although a one day move-in parking permit is available for all, if you want to keep your car for your whole tenancy period then a paid parking permit must be bought beforehand. This parking permit is available on a first-come first-served basis, and your name will be added to the waiting list if no further spaces are available. Hence, applying early is the best option to avoid disappointment.

Talybont North has a large parking area, whereas Talybont Gate’s parking area is very limited and mostly reserved for the disabled students residing in the hall. Therefore, the Taly Gate students tend to also park in the Taly North parking area. 

However, there are other ways of easily and cheaply getting into town if driving isn't an option for you; see our article on OVO Bikes to find out more!

Talybont North Houses and Talybont Gate:

Talybont North houses are randomly given alphabetical order. They look almost the same and mostly have a similar structure inside and out. Walking inside the area gives great vibes, and it looks beautiful at night-time. Talybont Gate is a building with a combination of numerous flats.

Talybont Gate

Talybont North

Talybont Gate and North Launderette:

Talybont North and Gate share the same laundrette, which is located right in the centre of Talybont North, and it is, therefore, very accessible for all the students. Cardiff University uses the circuit laundrette services, which has made the washing particularly convenient. You just need to download the circuit laundrette mobile app, and it can be topped up with your normal debit card. It has the ability to show your laundry’s remaining time in each machine; therefore, you do not have to wait and can conveniently pick up your clothes when done.

To do laundry:

  1. Select an available machine to use by scanning its QR code or manually entering the machine number on display. (Machines are numbered, so always check that the machine you scanned/entered its number is the one you are going to use). 
  2. Make sure that the machine is empty. If there are any items of clothing left from the previous use, remove them and place them above the machine. 
  4. Enter your load as per the instructions written on the machine/walls and close the machine door. 
  5. Select your preferred cycle and start the machine. 
  6. Note the time it takes for the cycle to finish. (Washing cycles tend to take 40 minutes and drying cycles 50 minutes. You can choose a super-wash cycle to wash your clothes faster). 
  7. Return to pick up your clothes 5 minutes before they are due to finish, so as to empty the machine and make it available for the next person to use. (Make sure you are not late to pick up your load from the washing machine, as wet clothes start to smell if not dried soon after. Also, because it is disrespectful to keep your clothes in a machine when others could be waiting to use it). 

*When in the laundry room, make sure you are connected to Wi-fi or data to use the app

**If this is the first time doing laundry for yourself and your not very sure what to do (what colours to put together, what detergent to use, how much detergent to put etc., check out our article on doing laundry for the first time!)

If you are facing any issues while doing your laundry or there is a fault with the machines,  you can contact Circuit or try calling their helpline at 01422 820 040 (their websites states that advisers are available Mon-Fri: 8:30am-7pm and Sat-Sun: 8:30am-3pm). 

Public Telephone:

A public phone booth is available right by the side of the laundrette. It is not very common to use it in today’s world, but it can be used in emergency situations or if you would like to experience the earlier way of calling. It can also be used by international students to capture that ‘must do’ picture of British phone booths! 

Food and Shopping:

Talybont North and Gate are situated in the best place for food and shopping. McDonalds (Fig. 5) and KFC are just 2 min away, while for grocery shopping you have Tesco Extra, the biggest grocery store, also available at a 5 min walking distance. There is a retail park at a 5 min walking distance which has other stores like Aldi, Screwfix, Halfords. Hence, if you have a car you can access these stores, and there is a Tesco petrol station right by Tesco Extra where you can refuel.

A Subway, Tesco Express and some other local takeaway shops are also situated on the back side of Talybont North. Therefore, if you are walking back from your lectures you can grab something from these places as it is very satisfying and quick.

Sports Facilities: 

Indoor Games and Gym

Talybont North and Gate are very lucky in terms of their close distance to the sports facilities. One of the university’s sports centres is located near Talybont North; the range of sports facilities include indoor cricket, badminton, squash, gymnastics, indoor football and basketball, etc. and a fully equipped gym. All the sports societies perform their training here. The courts can be booked individually by any student as well, so you could play your favourite sport anytime.

Outdoor Sports facilities

Again, if you are a lover of sports, Talybont North and Gate have got two 3G football pitches, a hockey AstroTurf, a basketball and handball outdoor court which are available to be booked and used at any time.

Additionally, you get to enjoy a great view from your room’s window when other players play on the football pitches. These sports facilities bring a very positive vibe to this accommodation because you get to see happy faces all around you.

Talybont Social Centre

Talybont North is blessed with everything you would want in your accommodation. The Talybont Social Centre is one of such blessings; it has got seating spaces and tables where you can sit and enjoy hanging out with your friends. Moreover, there is a facility inside the centre to play free table tennis or snooker! There are proper study pods available too; you can study in such pods if you do not want to study in your room or do not wish to walk far to reach the nearest library.

Other than that, you can get free coffee, tea and biscuits (specific times, usually from 6-9pm) from Residence Life while you are studying or chatting with your friends. You will also find the Residence Life Assistants (RLAs) in the Social Centre at those times and can ask about any issues, personal or regarding the accommodation, and they will redirect you to the right university services to help solve your concern. 

There are regular small events organised by the Residence Life Team, and they are all free of charge (mostly requiring a free online ticket purchase). You can attend them and enjoy your time in Talybont North. There are also periodical visits by other teams (for example the Students' Union) who may set up an information desk for an awareness campaign for student life. Therefore, the Social Centre is a real asset for Talybont North that not many other accommodations have.

*To enter the Talybont social centre, you need to scan your student ID (the one with your picture) against the card scanner outside the door. Residence and room cards do not work.


The Talybont reception is the place where you can ask for any accommodation related issues. The reception also deals with maintenance issues; if you have any problem you just need to report it to the reception, and you will be given a receipt and a predicted timeframe in which your issue will be resolved. Basic utility issues like hot water, lights, etc. are solved on a priority basis.


The collection of your parcels is done at the reception. Talybont North reception does not accept any parcel other than Royal Mail. For other companies, you must arrange a collection time by yourself, and they will deliver the package to your house door. 

Letters are not collected from the reception, but every Taly North student will be provided a key to collect from letter boxes. The former boxes are situated inside the Talybont Social Centre. Every flat has their own letter box and, hence, you can only open the correct addressed box with the key provided.

If you want to order anything from Amazon, luckily, at Talybont we have our very own Amazon Locker called Minsk, located next to the laundry block in Taly South. When choosing where you want your order delivered, choose it so that you don’t have to be in when the actual order arrives. Just make sure to collect your order within the time frame they tell you (usually a few days). However, not all orders can be picked up from an Amazon locker. (There is also another Amazon locker right next to the SU!).  


It is quite likely that you will find yourself locked out of your room/flat/building, at least once throughout the year. You might have lost your key/card on a night out, don’t know where you’ve left it, or forgotten it in your room before leaving. If you do find yourself in such a situation, DO NOT FRET and follow the instructions below. There will ALWAYS be someone to let you into your place (even at 4am)!

  1. Call Security on 029 2087 4444. 
  2. Give Security your full name, full address, tell them where you are, and where you are locked out from. (E.g. “Hello. My name is Tom Evans. I am a student, I lost my card, and cannot get into my house. I live in Talybont South, house 13, floor 1, flat 1, room 3. I am standing in front of my house.”)
  3. Await instructions from Security. They will most likely tell you to wait in front of your house until help arrives or go to the Talybont Court Reception to have a new key/card issued for you.

*Lockouts are expensive! Except for during the first two-weeks, each time you call Security to have them send someone to let you in, you will be charged £10!
**Having a new card/key issued to you is even more expensive. A new card costs £10, while a new key costs £20. 
***You will not be allowed into your house/flat/room or issued with a new key/card if you do not present both your Student ID and your Residence card. If you do not have both, you will be allowed into your room with Security to retrieve them and present them before the matter is resolved. Which is why it is crucial that you have both cards on you AT ALL TIMES. 

Tips for Talybont North and Taly Gate accommodation Students.

  • Aldi is cheaper than Tesco Extra, but Tesco Extra has more variety. If you just want to go for basic shopping then Aldi is better, but if you want to find everything under one roof then visit Tesco Extra. Not many students know this, but Tesco Extra has a halal section and an international food section as well. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to go to city road to access international stores if you quickly want to get something.
  • Talybont Social Centre is quieter in early mornings and late night - if you want to study in a more relaxed environment then choose these times. Keep an eye out for event posters though, they will tell you when the space is being used to host an event.
  • Talybont sports hall is very busy on Wednesdays and weekends; therefore, if you want to book on these days then please do so as quickly as possible, though you are not able to reserve longer than a week in advance.
  • Use the Residence Life services and approach the RLAs because they are there for you. There are many services and support services available from Cardiff University that the RLAs are knowledgeable about and will be able to signpost you to the right team.
  • Install the Safezone app on your phone. It is very helpful and will assist you in emergency situations.
  • Keep a note of all the important numbers stuck on the back-door of your room’s wardrobe cupboard.

Lastly, if you need any specific information that is not provided in this guide, please contact the residences through email.


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