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Take a Walk Down St. Mary's Street

By NiamhIntern 13 Jul 2022

An area of the city centre which is always bustling, St Mary’s is one of the most popular streets in Cardiff. This post will help you find the best places to shop, eat and have fun on the street, helping you make the most of your time in Cardiff! 

Where to Shop 

The best place to look for interesting, eye-catching shops on St Mary’s Street is undoubtedly one of it’s many arcades. Boasting 4 different arcades – Castle, Royal, Wyndham and Morgan – there’s a wide host of independent businesses tucked just off the main street waiting to be discovered! If you need a recommendation of which to visit first, give Castle Arcade a try. It’s got the Bird and Blend tea shop if you’d like to browse some fancy new flavours of tea, Fabulous Welshcakes if you want to stock up on sweet snacks and Coffee Barker if you’re craving a cosy space with a hot drink. Definitely look through them all, though – there are plenty of interesting spots to discover! 

If you’re only really looking for the essentials (a ready meal, toilet paper or emergency snacks), St Mary’s also has you covered. Sporting both a Sainsbury’s Local and a Tesco Express, you’re sure to find whatever you need in this area of the city. 

Where to Eat 

One thing that St Mary’s is not short of is restaurants – the street is lined with interesting places to eat! As well as much-loved chains like Turtle Bay and Pizza Express, there are also smaller independent restaurants to try like Chai Street Indian and Juniper Place. The street offers cuisine from a wide variety of cultures and diets, meaning there’s something for everybody to try. 

St Mary’s is also the perfect street if you’re a lover of fast food. You’ll find nearly every fast food restaurant you can think of lining the streets, from Taco Bell to Subway, so you can easily grab whatever you’re craving whilst on the go. 

If you still can’t find what you want on St Mary’s Street, there’s an entrance to the Brewery Quarter at the end of the road. There are even more restaurant and fast food choices here, so be sure to explore it! 

Things to Do 

St Mary’s is a great street to travel to if you’re bored in city centre – there are some great things to do on the roads lining it. The arcades make a great stroll if you’re not in the mood for a particular activity – they’re beautiful and usually quieter than the main streets, making them perfect for a chilled out walk browsing the shops.  

If you’re more in the mood for a full day of fun, St Mary’s is also a direct way to walk to Cardiff Central station. The station has trains stretching across the entire UK, with nearby cities such as Bristol and Bath being less than an hour’s journey away. These would be perfect destinations for a day trip if you wanted a change of scenery – don’t forget to check train times and platforms, though! 

On the same street as Cardiff Central Station you can also find the Principality Stadium, which regularly hosts sporting events and concerts, as well as a Vue Cinema and Superbowl. These make perfect bonding activities for you and your friends or flatmates, so give them a visit if you’re on St Mary’s Street. 

Another main attraction of St Mary’s is its nightlife – the street is busier than ever after dark! If you love music, dancing and a vibrant atmosphere it’s definitely worth checking out – you can grab a drink (non-alcoholic too!) with friends and have a great time. 

Now you know what to expect, visit St Mary’s Street yourself – browse the shops, enjoy the food and try out some of the activities you can do. Happy exploring!