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Take a Walk Down Park Place

By NiamhIntern 03 Aug 2022

A long street leading to the busy city centre, Park Place has more to offer than just the student union and university buildings. After reading this post, you’ll know exactly where to go in Park Place to eat, shop and pass the time.

Where to Shop

While Park Place isn’t the best street to visit if you’re hoping to browse some storefronts, it does provide useful proximity to some streets which are bustling with popular brands to choose from. In fact, it leads directly on to Queen Street, an area which is full of interesting and varied shops to visit!

You can also access the Student Union from Park Place, which houses a few shops of it’s own. There’s a small Co-Op for any food or essentials you may need, as well as a Blackwell’s bookshop stocking a variety of titles and Bootysale, which is full of second-hand clothes ready to be bought. So, even though there isn’t the largest variety of stores in Park Place, there’s still a small selection of shops that you can take a look inside.

Where to Eat

On the other hand, Park Place is full of great restaurants and is bound to have an establishment you want to visit! Home to Giovanni’s and Bellini’s, two great Italian restaurants, as well as the classic dishes sold at Henry’s, you’ll never have to go hungry walking down Park Place!

If you want something quick and easy, you’ll also find both a Subway and a Costa at the end of Park Place next to the Student Union. Both popular and convenient lunch spots, they’re the perfect places to visit if you’re in a hurry and need a quick energy boost!

Things to Do

There are some really interesting places to visit in Park Place, particularly if you’re a fan of arts or culture. The New Theatre near Queen Street shows a wide range of performances throughout the year, from plays and standup to ballet and concerts. Visit their website, book some tickets and enjoy one of their great shows!

A little further down Park Place, you can also visit the National Museum Cardiff for completely free! Full of art, natural history and Welsh heritage to browse, the museum is the perfect place to spend a cheap and interesting day with friends or flatmates.

Now that you know what to do in Park Place, make sure you head to the street next time you’re bored, hungry or merely interested in doing something new in the city. Enjoy!