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Take a Walk Down Castle Street

By NiamhIntern 18 Jul 2022

Being home to the iconic Cardiff Castle (clue’s in the name!) isn’t all this pretty street has to offer. One of the main streets in Cardiff City Centre, we’ll show you the best places on Castle Street to go shopping, get food and have fun!

Where to Shop

A unique aspect of Castle Street is it’s variety of Welsh gift shops – you can choose from Great Welsh Gifts, Historical Wales and Castle Welsh Crafts! Whilst you can get your share of Welsh-themed goodies from Great Welsh Gifts and Historical Wales, Castle Welsh Crafts offers the additional treat of hand-crafted love spoons. A love spoon is a spoon carved from wood and traditionally given as a gift in Wales, a perfect token of affection for a loved one even today! Castle Welsh Crafts sells love spoons fit for all people or occasions, meaning there’s something for whoever you have in mind. Be sure to check out the other Welsh gift shops, too – Welsh-themed items make great souvenirs for family members!

Castle Street is also home to the beautiful Castle Arcade, where you can find plenty of small businesses to browse. My personal favourites is Tropigaz, a plant shop bursting with character and wonderful succulents, flowers and plant care essentials. Definitely give it a visit if you’ve got a green thumb!

If you’re more in need of a convenience store, there’s also a Nisa Local and Spar situated on the street, meaning that it covers every possible shopping need.

Where to Eat

Although not lined with restaurants, there are a few great spots to eat on Castle Street if you happen to be passing through. Most of the eateries are perfect if you’re looking for a light bite – there’s Caffe Nero for coffee-lovers, Portuguese bakery Nata and Co. for delicious pastries and cakes and Palette on the corner of the street for a variety of lunchtime treats, from toasted sandwiches to waffles. Castle Street would be the ideal location to spend a lunchtime or have a snack with friends – there’s plenty of great locations to choose from!

If you’re in the mood for a larger meal, try visiting Elevens Bar and Grill. Perfect for sports-lovers, they sell a mouth-watering selection of pizza, wings, burgers and dirty fries for you to enjoy while you watch some live sport. All important rugby fixtures are shown on-screen at Elevens, so it would be the perfect spot to watch the game!

Things to Do

The main thing to do on Castle Street is fairly obvious… visit Cardiff Castle! Easy to find and visible from anywhere on the street, the castle offers discounted tickets for students and is the perfect location for a day trip. Although tickets are £12.50, a little pricey for some, it’s packed full of important history and interesting artefacts for you to explore. You can also access the Public Square, the castle’s beautiful outer lawn, for free! This is the perfect spot to soak up the sun and read a good book or socialise, particularly in warmer weather!

Events are frequently held in Cardiff Castle grounds, which are also great fun – there’s an outdoor cinema, parties and parades and even concerts for popular artists like Michael Buble and Lewis Capaldi. If you’re looking for fun on Castle Street, the castle is the main place you should explore!

Now that you’re familiar with what to expect on Castle Street, you’ll know exactly where to get souvenirs, snacks and a great day out. Enjoy!