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Sustainable: Simple Swaps

By SanaRLA 20 Mar 2021

When on a student budget, being sustainable may seem like an impossible task. I am going to share with you guys some simple sustainable swaps that you can commit to which also do not break bank. These will also help save the planet in the long run.

1. Shampoo bars

shampoo bars on a wooden plate

Shampoo bottles can be expensive and are harmful to the environment. Not only are bars of shampoo more environmentally friendly, but they last much longer than shampoo bottles do. Shampoo bars are normally either bought 'naked' so there is no packing or they are in recyclable packing. When on the topic of shampoo we cannot forget our friend hair conditioner, which is important for moisturising our hair. With shampoo bars, you can also find bars of conditioners, which means longer lasting lush sustainable hair. 

2. Loose vegetables

a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

When you hear about sustainable food shopping you think of expensive organic foods. Sustainable food shopping can be cheap and it can make shopping more fun. There are many benefits to buying loose vegetables such as you can buy the amount you need so there is less waste which makes your weekly shopping cheaper, you can buy a larger variety of vegetables which means that you can try different recipes at home and it is not covered in plastic so you will be saving the planet one vegetable at a time. Loose vegetables can be bought from all supermarkets but you can also buy them from a farmer's market. 

3. Homemade face masks

a close up of a person with a face mask on and cucumber over their eyes


  • Brown sugar 
  • Oil of choice - I recommend coconut oil
  • Essential oils (Optional)

Add oil to the brown sugar until you get a smooth consistency. Add essential oils like rose or tea tree depending on what smell you like. Mix together and store in a glass container.
Coconut oil and brown sugar are cheap and it lasts for a very long time.

Face mask:

  • Oats 
  • Water
  • Honey - Optional
  • Yoghurt - Optional
  • Essential oils - Optional

Grind the oats up so you get oat flour and store it in a glass container. When you want to make a mask, just get some of the oat flour and add water to it. It forms a paste and you can apply this to your face as a mask or just use it as a facial wash. 
You can make it fancier by adding honey, yoghurt or essential oils depending on your budget.
Oats are very good for your skin and cheap to buy in a bulk.

4. Silicone oven mat

a person using silicone oven mats for baking

As students, we get into the habit of cooking food in the oven because it is easy and not a lot of cleaning is required. Now because of technology we can save the planet, be sustainable whilst cooking some good easy oven food. Aluminium foil is recyclable in the UK but only if it is completely clean of all food, which can be hard to do at times. With a large amount of aluminium foil used by students it can have a huge effect on the planet, plus to keep buying aluminium foil means an extra expense to the student budget. Instead of using aluminium foil use silicone oven mats, they are reusable making them a good investment in the long run and are sustainable. 

5. Useable metal straws

a close up of metal straws in a glass

Plastic straws end up in the ocean and are very hazardous to the animals living there. Therefore, why not save some animals and not buy straws for a very long time by investing in some reusable metal straws. 




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