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Staying safe in halls with COVID

By bzellie 24 Aug 2020

We know that this is far from the image of Fresher’s Week that you were expecting. Normally, right now you would be out meeting up with course mates, joining societies or getting to know your neighbours over dinner. While there is absolutely nothing we can do to get that sense of normality back, it is essential for each of us to make sure we are safe and that we do our part in stopping the spread of the virus.

Below is some advice about how to keep safe whilst in halls:

  • Where possible, use contact-free deliveries.  While the additional cost is a very understandable concern, if you can, consider using deliveries for takeaway and supermarket shopping rather than going in-store. This will minimise your exposure to the virus, and will also be a lesser hassle overall as all major supermarkets have food deliveries in place. Teaming up with your flatmates for a larger delivery may help to split the costs. 
  • Frequently disinfect high-touch areas. Door handles, light switches, taps and handles of kitchen appliances are some of the most frequently touched areas, hence they also need to be disinfected often. Arrange a rota with your flatmates to make sure that the duties are shared, and always keep a good supply of cleaning products. Please check out the WHO website for guidance on effective cleaning. 
  • Clean. Your. Devices. Talking about high-touch surfaces, your phone and laptop also need regular cleaning and disinfection. Check out his video from the BBC which shows you how to safely disinfect your smartphone using soap and water. 
  • There is no evidence that you need to disinfect your groceries. According to WHO and the UK government, there is no evidence that coronaviruses can be transmitted via food. With that being said, always wash your hands with water and soap before preparing food, and make sure that countertops and utensils are clean as well. 
  • If your flat needs to be accessed for maintenance, make sure to socially distance. If you have any issues in your flat that require intervention from the maintenance staff, Security or external contractors, you need to ensure that you are always at a safe distance. Cleaning any touched areas after the staff has left is also a good idea
  • Stay up to date with information from official sources. As you have seen so far, guidelines and laws are constantly changing to follow the course of the pandemic, so make sure you stay informed about what is safe and allowed to do. Always follow information from official sources, such as the Welsh/UK Government and WHO. 

You can read more about guidelines for keeping your home clean on the World Health Organization website.

For more information, you can visit the Coronavirus webpage for all the latest updates happening across Cardiff University. 


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