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Staying safe in Cardiff – Essential practices

By bzellie 21 Aug 2020

SafeZone App

SafeZone is a free app which you can use to alert Cardiff University Security or emergency services if you are in danger or feel unsafe. You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store. The app works by sending your location to security services when you raise an alert or check-in at your location. There are different types of alerts you can raise, such as emergency, first aid or help call. More information and answers to commonly asked questions can be found here.

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Getting free sanitary/contraception products

The Welsh Government has set up a contraception distribution and sexual health awareness scheme called C Card for people between 13 and 25 years old. Through this scheme, you can get condoms weekly for free in multiple centres across Cardiff. For more information and finding the closest centre, visit their webpage.

At the moment, there is no scheme for accessing free sanitary products at Cardiff University. However, there is a free tampon dispenser in the Students’ Union, on the 2nd floor next to the reception. 

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Safe Taxi Scheme 

The Safe Taxi Scheme is a partnership between Students’ Union and Dragon Taxi, through which you can get a taxi trip home, to the Police Station or the hospital even when you do not have the cash on hand, and pay later. You can use this scheme whenever you are out and about and feel unsafe. Just make sure to quote your name, your student number and ‘Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme’ when you call to book. You will also need to show the driver your student ID. More information about how this works can be found here.

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Fire and electrical safety in Halls

While these topics will be covered in a lot more detail during your online induction on the residences webpage, here is a quick run-down of some key information. You can also access more information by searching ‘Your health and safety in halls’ on the Intranet. 

  • Your electronic equipment should be in good standing and safe to use. If necessary, you should be able to arrange a PAT testing at your reception (or within your School). 
  • If you are an international student, is likely that you will need a plug adaptor. Make sure that the ones you buy are safe to use. While it is recommended to buy plug adaptors before you arrive, you can also buy them after you arrive: in the airport, from your reception or from various shops around Cardiff. 
  • Portable heaters are not allowed in your hall’s room. 
  • Occasionally, you may also hear the fire alarm go off in your student halls. When this happens, you must immediately leave the building and assemble at the nearest fire assembly point. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the location of the nearest assembly point, and do not stop to take any items with you. 
  • There are certain items, such as candles and incense burners, that you will not be allowed to use in your halls as they pose fire hazards. If you are unsure about whether an item will be allowed in halls, please ask the reception staff. 
  • Make sure that all doors marked ‘Fire Door’ in your flat are always closed and/or not prompted open, and that all fire safety equipment in your flat are not tampered with. This can lead to fines to individual students or, possibly, the whole flat. 
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