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Small changes to reduce your plastic consumption

By EllieRLA 15 Apr 2021

Since documentaries such as David Attenborough's 'A Life on Our Planet' have been released, we have become increasingly aware of our personal impact on the environment. This global problem cannot be solved by one person doing everything, but by every person doing small things. So you may be asking yourself 'how can I help?'. These tips aim to help you do your part in reducing your plastic consumption, without requiring strenuous lifestyle changes!

Use bar forms of soap instead of bottled

Using shampoo, conditioner and soap bars is a great way to reduce plastic consumption. This is one of the most difficult changes to make, as the product comes in a different form than we are used to. However, once you are familiar with this method and find products that work for you, it will feel just as normal!

Buy your groceries lose

Whilst this is not possible for everything, consider purchasing loose items such as fruit or vegetables instead of the plastic-wrapped version. You can usually pop these into your bag as they are, but if you prefer these to be in their own bag consider taking a reusable pouch to store them in!

Eat-in at a restaurant instead of taking away

´╗┐Taking the time to enjoy lunch in a restaurant will prevent the need for plastic containers, bags and cutlery. It is also an opportunity to take a break from the day and enjoy time with friends.

Invest in reusable cups/bottles/straws 

This may seem obvious, but it really does help! 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are bought in the UK each year, creating a substantial amount of waste. Even reusing a plastic bottle/straw/cup is a step towards sustainability. 

a close up of metal straws in a glass

Say no to plastic straws and cutlery

This relates to the last tip, but refusing these items is a small but effective way to reduce single use plastic. If you are someone who enjoys using a straw, consider investing in a reusable version!

Take your own bags to the shop 

Not only will this be more environmentally friendly, it will save you money in the long run! If you forget and have to buy some, try your best to reuse these bags next time.

a person sitting in front of a fence

´╗┐Reuse what you can

Plastic containers from a takeaway are a great example of plastic that can be reused. They offer free storage, too!

Recycle what you cannot reuse

Not everything is reusable, or you may not want to reuse it, but recycling what you can is always better than throwing everything into the bin. Ensure that you have washed out your recycling as well! Not doing so can result to it being put into landfill.

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