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Small Business Spotlight: Tropigaz

By NiamhIntern 20 Jul 2022

As Cardiff is such a vibrant community full of talented and hardworking business-owners, we’ve decided to showcase some of the small businesses that you can find only a short walk from your halls of residence.

Calling all plant-lovers! Today we’re focusing on Tropigaz, a colourful plant shop located in City Centre, and we believe it will become a firm favourite of anybody with a green thumb!


Where Can I Find It?

Tropigaz is situated within Castle Arcade, a charming arcade full of small shops which can be accessed from both Castle Street and Queen’s Street. Once you’re in the arcade itself, the shop is hard to miss – with it’s colourful neon lights and wide array of plants on display in the window, it’s inviting to any passers-by!

What Does It Sell?

Tropigaz is your go-to location for all things houseplant related! Stocking a wide variety of succulents, cacti and tropical plants, there’s something for everyone at this store – there are plants suitable for beginners, seasoned houseplant owners and plant care experts!

When it comes to plant care, Tropigaz also has a range of products to keep your houseplants luscious and healthy. From plant pots in a variety of designs and sizes to plant food and potting mixes, anything you’d need to assist with your plant’s growth can also be found in Tropigaz alongside the plants. It’s perfect for anything plant-related you could possibly want!

Why Support Them?

Other than wanting to support a small business, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Tropigaz over other plant shops in the area:

  • Experience, advice and support – A plant-lover and expert himself, the owner of Tropigaz is always on hand to share his wealth of plant knowledge. As well as giving you personalized care information tailored to your plant purchase, he is always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about your plant at any point within it’s life. This expert advice is great to have on-hand if you’re less experienced at caring for houseplants!
  • Loyalty cards – With every purchase over £20 at Tropigaz, you also get the chance to fill in a stamp on their loyalty card, which you can receive with any purchase. 10 stamps are equal to a free plant, so it’s great incentive to keep going back and supporting the business!
  • Constantly changing stock – With new plants coming into the shop every week, no two visits to Tropigaz are ever the same! There are likely to be new exciting and rare plants in stock every time you visit, making trips to pick up new plants even more interesting than usual. Make sure to check out their Instagram (@tropigaz) to stay up-to-date with what’s in stock!


Now that you know what to expect, make sure you make Tropigaz your go-to small business for all your houseplant needs. Enjoy!

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