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two burritos on a plate


Small Business Spotlight: Breatos

By NiamhIntern 01 Oct 2022

As Cardiff is such a vibrant community full of talented and hardworking business-owners, we’ve decided to showcase some of the small businesses that you can find only a short walk from your halls of residence.

Today’s post focuses on a student union favourite – Breatos! Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a chilled-out takeaway night, Breatos is soon to be one of your favourite Cardiff eateries to try.

Where can I find them?

Breatos has an ideal location in the student union, making it close to most residences and a perfect snack spot if you’re heading to or from the city centre. Their food is also available to order on Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat, meaning that they’re also the perfect choice for a cosy night in with your flatmates or friends.

What do they sell?

Breatos sell a variety of quick, easy and healthy Mexican dishes, as you may have guessed from the name! In addition to the expected burritos and burrito bowls you can also get tasty tacos and nacho dishes, fulfilling most of the Mexican fast-food cravings you might have.

In the mood for something sweet? Breatos also sells an interesting dessert burrito, filled with chocolate digestives, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and other sweet treats. It’s as tasty as it is unique – be sure to give it a try!

Why support them?

Other than to try delicious food whilst also supporting a small business, why choose Breatos over other eateries?

  • Affordable Meal Deals – For the low price of only £6.50, you can buy a regular burrito, tortilla chips with dip and any drink from Breatos. Significantly cheaper than larger competitors like Barburrito and Tortilla, you can eat plenty of food at a reasonable price from the store. This makes it ideal for students like yourself!
  • Loyalty Cards – To make your already affordable meal even cheaper, Breatos offers loyalty cards for returning customers. With rewards ranging from a discounted meal to a completely free burrito, there are different tiers of loyalty card which you can get as you eat more meals at the store. Thanks to the welcome packs organised by the Residence Life team, the first row of a card has been filled in for you! Make sure you have it handy when you visit the store to get a delicious burrito for only £1.
  • BIG Food! – Disappointed by the amount of food you get for your money at some establishments? This will never be an issue at Breatos – all staff pack your burritos as full as they can go, always making sure you get the most food possible for what you pay. If this still isn’t enough for you, they also sell a Monster Burrito, which is triple the size of their regular burrito and is sure to fill you up for hours. You’ll never be left hungry!

If your stomach is rumbling after reading this post, make sure you head to Breatos as soon as possible - it’s affordable, tasty and you’d be supporting a great small business!