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Settling in FAQs

By ResLife 19 Aug 2020

Note: Some processes may change this year due to COVID-19, please make sure to check any emails you receive from the university before you arrive and in the first few weeks for up to date information.

Where can I collect my student card?

The Student Card can be collected from the Cardiff University Students Union. You can find it in Park Place, CF10 3QN. Please take with you all the required documents such as your unconditional offer, proof of enrolment, etc.  Preferably, this should be done as soon as possible as you will require your student card to access most, if not all, the university buildings. Check out more info here.

How do I register with a GP?

You can now register for a GP online or research the GP practices local to you and see which will fit you best. Find out how to register online here.

How to open a student bank account?

To open a student bank account, you will have to visit a bank branch. There is a Santander Bank office in the Students’ Union. You will require a bank letter which you can get from SIMS. Some form of identification will be asked for, such as a passport, driver’s license, etc. Get more info here.

How do I connect devices to University wifi?

For devices such as mobile phones and laptops, please go to, sign in, and search ‘Eduroam’ in the tool bar. Select ‘Connect to the wireless network’ then choose your device. There should also be a poster in your kitchen on the notice board which shows directions of connecting to Eduroam. You can find more info about this here. When it comes to gaming consoles, it gets trickier as the intranet does not show a guide for connecting an Xbox or a PlayStation. 

Follow these steps to connect consoles to the internet:

  • You need an Ethernet Cable. Consoles cannot be connected through the wireless option on-campus.
  • Before doing any other step, you need to find your console’s MAC Address (LAN). This can be found under Network Settings.
  • When you find the MAC Address, go to Fill in the details to register your console on to the network.
  • Give it up to 48 hours then you can move on to the next step.
  • Connect your console with the Ethernet Cable to the ethernet port in your room. It is usually just above the desk.
  • Turn on your console and choose the option of connecting through LAN/Wired.
  • Test the internet connection.
  • You might get an error but at this point, your console is connected to the internet, but you cannot access the internet for gaming just yet.
  • Open the browser on your console, type in anything in the tool bar and search.
  • Click Yes on the option that pops up and you will be redirected to the setup page. Follow the directions on screen and fill in the required details.
  • You should be connected now. If not, try restarting your console and see if that works.
  • If you are still experiencing problems, get in touch with the gaming society at

Where can I meet new people?

The Residence Life Team hosts events on-site for students who live in the same accommodation so they can come and meet others. We serve coffee, tea, biscuits, etc. all for free! If you are not busy and would like to meet new people, come down to your accommodation’s social space! Joining societies is another new way to meet people, especially with similar interests. Visit the Students Union website at and get searching for societies that you would like to join.

How can I get around campus?

If walking is not your choice of getting around, that is not a problem. NextBikes are great students since there are plenty of bike docks around. When you sign up as a student with them, you get the first 30 minutes of each day for free! Another option would be to use local buses. We suggest you download the Cardiff Bus app to get the routes and schedules of buses. If you live in University Hall, you have access to a bus that picks up from there and drops off to several locations including the Students Union, Queen’s Buildings, School of Journalism, etc. 

What to do in the first two weeks at university?

In the first few weeks of moving into Cardiff, the Students Union hosts a ton of events. Cardiff Freshers starts and is followed by many more. To know more about what events are running, where and when, visit The first few weeks is also perfect to join societies. Visit the Students Union website to search for societies that interest you.

I lost my key/card to my room. What do I do?

Losing a key and a card are treated differently. Visit the reception of your accommodation and let them know. If a key is lost, the charge for a new key is £20 plus £10 for a lockout. For a lost room card, the charge is £10 plus £10 for a lockout.

People are being loud late at night, what should I do?

If someone is being loud between 11 PM & 7 AM, always call security. Their number is 02920874444. They will attend and ask people to be respectful of their neighbours.

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