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Res Life Project Group Events

By LaurenRLC 03 Jul 2023

We run a whole host of events here in Cardiff throughout the year. Our Residence Life Assistant's are each part of a project group that run events and campaigns around a specific theme. Read more about them below:

Cultural Holidays
This group aims to promote cultural inclusion within our community, by running events and spreading awareness on lots of different cultural celebrations throughout the year. We celebrate things like Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Holi, Ramadan and much more. Events feature food from different cultures that you are able to try as well as some authentic activities. Check out cultural holiday events here.


This group runs lots of creative and relaxing events where you can learn how to make something from scratch, decorate common household items and get those creative juices flowing. All of the craft materials are free so events will be ticketed a first come first served so there's enough for everyone. Check out craft events here.

Healthy Living

This group runs events and campaigns based around getting your body moving and incorporating healthy habits into your daily life. We run lots of different sports events from dodgeball, football, badminton, basketball and so much more. All the events are beginner friendly so you can try out whatever activities you are interested in! Check out our healthy living events here.

Social Change

This group runs events and campaigns with a theme of sustainability. There will be lots of events to help us all learn how we can be more sustainable and also lots of volunteering opportunities to help make your local community a nicer place to live. Check out our social change events here.

Student Voice

This group looks to highlight the student voice in our residence community. We will be coming round the halls to get your feedback on events we're running, your student experience and what else you would like to see at the university. There will also be opportunities to attend focus groups and take part in surveys to help change things that you are passionate about.

Halls Association

This group runs inter-site events, activities and competitions to build community for your specific halls. They run monthly meetings to provide opportunities to feedback and let us know what you would like to see. Events and activities include quizzes, sport competitions and working together to support campaigns. Check out halls association events here.  


This group runs events, activities and awareness campaigns around improving your physical and mental wellbeing. They run events and workshops around self-care activities and strategies for maintaining good wellbeing. They also advertise and promote important mental health campaigns. Check out wellbeing events here.

Head to our events page to see what's running in the next few weeks!

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