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Productivity apps to help you study

By MatthewRLA 15 Mar 2021

app on a phone

To-do List: TickTick

Do you find it hard to prioritise your tasks, or keep track of what you need to do in your uni life?  Sometimes a to do list app can help. An app like TickTick can help with doing this. TickTick is a to do list app that allows you to set all the tasks that you have to do and set a priority and a deadline for when it has to be done. It will also allow you to add alerts for when you want to be alerted for each task. It is also supported by most of platforms and allows you to sync with your various devices and you can be notified on all of them at the same time. I use this one all the time in uni for keeping track of the tasks that I have to do in the future. Great for keeping track of coursework deadlines, sssignments, and exam revision.

app on a phone

Scanning App: Office Lens

You’ve probably needed to import a diagram, a handwritten note, or a picture before. Some apps can make use of your phone’s camera to import it into a digital form such as a pdf or a document. One of these apps is Office Lens, this uses your camera to automatically detect documents and photos and allows you to import into documents. It is linked with your Cardiff University Account so you can sync the documents that you scan in, with 365 applications such as Word and Powerpoint. 
Office Lens

app on a phone

Flashcards/Revision: Quizlet

If you are needing to try a different way of revising, you should try using Quizlet. This app allows you to create flashcards using terms and definitions from your course. It then creates various challenges and games that you can play based on the definitions that you create. It also has virtual flashcards that you can revise from as well as this. The mobile app allows you to take the cards with you so you can revise on the go. This is great for a different way of revising especially for courses with many terms that need to be learned, I've used this since high school and it has worked great and continues to work for me in uni.

app on a phone

Note-Taking: OneNote/Notion

In uni, it’s probably inevitable that you will be making notes on various lectures and modules. Some do this using paper and handwritten notes. For those using digital notes, there are several great apps to do this. Two of these are Notion and OneNote, both of these are free with your university account. Both have features available to create notes as well as being able to import a document into the note to be able to annotate and write around it, which is great for lecture slides and diagrams. They are also both able to implement organisation within the app. So you can sort them into various modules, tasks, or a way of filing notes. They also both sync online too so you are able to access them anywhere you go. I've used both and they are great and easy to use. Choosing one just comes down to personal preference.

app on a phone

Design: Canva

If you ever need to create an image, infographic for a course, or poster for an event you are doing, this is a great app for doing this. Canva has great tools that allow you to add text, images and other graphics to create a design. They also have many templates to get you started off with creating. We use this a lot within the Res Life team to create our posts and posters on our various sites and find it is really easy and fun to use.


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