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Part time job ideas for students during COVID-19

By JamesRLA 30 Nov 2020

Coming to university is a great opportunity to balance study with a part time job. However, with bars and restaurants closing, many employers have frozen recruitment. This has thrown a spanner in the works for many students seeking to boost their finances, but don’t be put off there are still plenty of options available.

Which Jobs are most affected?

Sadly, the traditionally popular student jobs in catering and hospitality have been badly affected by the pandemic and recruitment is not expected to pick up soon. Also affected are many of the gap year and summer camp organisations as travel bans and quarantining are still in force.

What can do you instead?

The good news is that other sectors have been increasing job vacancies to cope with increased demands of our new lockdown way of life. The university offers lots of support for students trying to find jobs and you can go straight to their website via this link or if none of these interest you keep reading for my top 11 part time job ideas.

1. Retail worker
Retail companies currently have the largest number of vacancies of any sector due to the increased demand in lockdown life. Vacancies may also have become available with students moving to university and more vacancies will be available as companies hire for seasonal workers. These jobs are always popular so act quickly if you’re interested.

Local supermarkets and companies such as Amazon are good places to look if you’re interested in this type of work.


2. Delivery rider or driver
Food delivery services are always on the lookout for new recruits. This tends to be a very flexible job that you can fit around your studies. If you have access to a car you will find more options as local takeaways and restaurants are looking to hire as well.

Deliveroo says working as arider for them you can earn up to £120 a day. If this interests you, check out how to apply here.

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3. NHS workers
The NHS is recruiting to help with the current crisis, and you don’t need medical training to get hired. Care assistants, porters, cleaning and catering are just some of the many part-time jobs available. Check out the jobs here.

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4. Online tutoring
This is perfect for those interested in teaching or with knowledge in almost any subject (English, Maths, Music, Science etc). Your hours can be flexible to you and can tutor anywhere in the country via webinar or pre-record material. This may require more initial outreach than other jobs but pay rates can reach £20-£50 an hour.

For more information on how to get started follow this link or checkout tutoring website such as MyTutor.

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5. Paid surveys
Want to work from home and make money/win prizes? You can by doing surveys. Online surveys are fun and very quick, just sign up and wait for the survey to be sent to your inbox. You’re not going to make a fortune but your rewards can add up and it doesn’t take much time.

Focus groups are an alternative with a bigger payout, often £50-£150 per session via zoom and will take only a few hours. However, note you will be restricted to only a few focus groups a year.

You should spend about 15mins per survey which is ideal for the busy student. Remember the trick is to not go for every survey but to focus on the ones with the decent payouts. If you’re dedicated, you can make between £200 - £800 a year.


6. Website testing
This one can be done anytime anywhere and there are loads of website/app owners who want their sites tested for bugs and usability. Giving feedback should only take 10-20 minutes of your time, so quick you can even do it on the go.

Intellizoom is a great place to start if this interests you. For studies that require audio or video you can earn an average of £10 and for standard surveys £2, so not heaps of cash but it can soon add up.


7. Typing and transcription
Do you love to type? Well, you can earn money by listening to audio and typing it up word for word or just the key points. It may not be the most interesting conversations (researchers, doctors, lawyers etc) but it does pay well! Working from home you can easily earn £8.25 per hour.

Sound good? Takenote is one of many companies offering this service and is a good place to start.

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8. Product testing
Want to get free products and get paid to test them? Product testing is perfect for you. Product development is big business and by checking that items work and giving feedback you can get to keep loads of freebies and get paid to do it too!

Remember products are targeted at particular groups (e.g. mums aged 30-40) and you will have to answer questions to qualify for the test. Don’t expect to qualify for every test and be quick as freebies go fast.

There are loads of companies offering this service (I’ve just listed one below) and you can even go direct to manufacture websites.


9. Online skills
Online skills such as graphic design, web design or even social media skills are incredibly valuable. You can use these from home to help promote local businesses or produce designs for clients internationally.

You could even set up your own website and there are many ways to monetise it. If successful you could be making money in your sleep! Check out Bluehost for an example of how easy it is to set up a website (it does have a small fee).

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10. Dog walks
Believe it or not, you can get paid to look after people’s pets be it dogs, cats or other small animals. This is very flexible and ideal for those who love animals. It may become a regular dog walk or just sitting in for people on holiday.

If you’re interested Tailster is a great place to start and is a super easy site to use. 

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11. Call centre agent & customer service
Call centres are hiring people to work from home. If you have the time you can earn quite a good salary. Experience in this field is important but you may still land a job if you have similar skills.

You can find loads of listings on indeed and other job sites.

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