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Myths vs Facts: Food

By AbdulRLA 23 Apr 2021

A healthy body requires good nutrition and selecting the right foods.  When it comes to food, a lot of myths exist that are spread from one person to another that tend to be wrong. Such information can lead to a person unable to achieve their nutritional goals.

After conducting research, below are 5 well-known myths that are, to some extent, false:

 1. Carbohydrates

Myth: Consuming fewer carbohydrates is healthier
Fact: Complex carbohydrates are essential to personal wellbeing

Too much of anything good is bad. Eating a lot of complex carbohydrates could eventually lead to weight gain. Selecting healthier carbohydrates such as whole grains has a significant impact on the body as it reduces risks of diseases.

2. Eating At Night

Myth: Eating at night causes weight gain
Fact: Eating the right foods at night does not result in weight gain

It is generally advised not to consume food around the time you plan to sleep. However, you can’t blame a person for being hungry. Go for fruits and vegetables rather than any junk foods to maintain a healthy body.

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3. Diet Soda

Myth: Zero-calorie soda is healthy
Fact: Regular soda is better for you than Diet Soda

When consuming soda’s, sugar plays a big role in the calories. Substituting the sugar for artificial sweetener is an even worse option. From actually causing weight gain to even increasing your chances to have a heart attack, diet soda’s should be avoided.

4. Weight Loss

Myth: Starving oneself is how you lose weight
Fact: Finding the right balance between eating and exercising is the way to lose weight

If a person would stop themselves from eating anything, sure weight loss will occur. However, this method is not appropriate. The body requires essential nutrients to function that you are preventing it from. The weight loss can be in the form of fat as well as muscle.

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5. Breakfast

Myth: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Fact: Not consuming breakfast is not a big deal

Diets exist where breakfast does not necessarily have to be consumed. For example, intermittent fasting suggests that you skip breakfast. Studies show that intermittent fasting is one of the most effective methods of weight loss. If you wake up and are not hungry, save the calories for a point later in the day where you might need them.

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