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Myths vs Facts: Exercise

By AbdulRLA 30 May 2021

Exercise is a vital aspect of humans lives which helps us remain fit and keeps the general body health up. This concept is often misunderstood and applied incorrectly. Research suggests that 25 minutes a day of exercise, including one rest day, is enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As the pandemic naturally limits our activity, more effort should be put into achieve the exercise in your day.

Below are five well-known myths which you probably did not know to be completely false.

1) Losing Weight

Myth: You are doing something wrong if you are exercising and not losing weight.
Fact: This does not have to be true. While incorrect exercise can lead to ineffective changes in your body, it is rather difficult for someone to exercise in a useless manner. At the beginning of a weight-loss journey, one might notice their weight starting to rise, rather than dropping. This is because your body is burning the fat in your body and is building your muscles. The muscle tissue weighs more than the fat; hence, the overall weight will first increase and eventually decrease significantly.

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2) Sit-ups Exercise

Myth: The Sit-ups exercise targets fat loss in the stomach (lower-belly).
Fact: Fat reduction cannot be applied to a specific body part, but it is an overall loss. While this form of exercise helps in building the ab (abdominal) muscles, fat is not reduced. Your body tends to lose weight and fat in its own unique way.

3) Turning Fat into Muscle

Myth: When you exercise, you turn fat into muscle.
Fact: While this statement may convince a person how weight loss works, it is false. Muscles and fats are different organs that will not transform into one another. Fats are a source of fuel used by your body while the muscle has a different purpose. Having a higher muscle mass, and a lower body fat percentage in your body gives the physique that you are after.

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4) Dangerous Exercise

Myth: Exercise makes people prone to injury.
Fact: If an exercise is done incorrectly or even overworking oneself can lead to injuries. However, constant exercise is what leads to an injury being a less likely occurrence. Researching on how a workout must be done or taking the advice from experienced trainers should guide a safe, and effective exercise.

5) “No pain, no gain”

Myth: If you are not sore after a workout, you have not exercised well enough.
Fact: Muscles do not need to ache and feeling sore after a workout. Feeling pain whilst working out is a message from your body telling you to take it easy. If you are feeling more sore than usual, consider taking a rest day to help your body recover.

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