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My tips on how to keep busy during lockdown

By BonnieRLA 14 Feb 2021

Lockdown, quarantine or self-isolation, although these measures can keep us safe, for some people, such a series of safety measures restricting their movement can feel like "prison". But you know what? When we have to stay at home, why don't we look on the bright side, for one thing, it saves us from being exposed to harm, and for another, it gives us an opportunity to do something we usually have no time for.

1. Are there some tv shows you didn’t have time to watch and have been put on your list for a long time? Now it’s time to catch up. 

2. During this pandemic, "just go" travel became a luxury. Then let's take a special trip with Google Earth at home. Type in the places or landmarks you want to visit in the app, and they'll appear right in front of you.

3. Are there any recipes in your notebook waiting for you? It’s time to show off your culinary talents.

an iPad showing a recipe with flour on a work surface

4. Have you always been busy with your work or other things, the house is often cleaned in a hurry? Now get out your vacuum and clean up the house completely.

5. Too many clothes in your wardrobe? Take this opportunity to organise your wardrobe and match clothes you don’t usually wear, perhaps you may find some new ideas.

6. Shoes are enough for a street stall? Clean up your shoe cabinet and put them in order. Maybe you’ll find that pair of heels you thought you’d lost.

cleaning products

7. Are there some old classmates or friends in the contacts you haven’t seen in a while? Try Face Time or video chatting with them.

8. Can’t go to pubs, take the opportunity to practice your bartending skills. Have a go at making those mocktails you've always wanted to try!

9. Are there new beauty products on your table still unopened? Take this time to practice eyeshadows with different makeup effects and bring a brand-new makeup back to work/uni when it is reopened.

10. Remember the last time you bought books but didn’t have time to read them? Now take them out and savour the knowledge on the paper.

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