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Moving out? Use OLIO and Vinted

By LiudvikaRLA 03 May 2023

As a student, it is quite challenging to move out of accommodation with all the things that you've accumulated throughout the year. However, OLIO and Vinted apps offer a great alternative to throwing away perfectly good items.

OLIO is a free app that connects people with their local community who are looking for food or non-food items that would otherwise go to waste. The app’s aim is to reduce food waste and promote sustainability by enabling people to share surplus food or household items with others in their local area. According to the app's website, over 30 million portions of food were saved from going to waste, and over 2 million non-food items have been shared on the app. By using OLIO, you can contribute to this effort and help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill.

To make a listing, you simply take a photo of the item, add a short description, and then post it on the app. Other OLIOers in the area can then browse the listings and contact the person offering the item if they’re interested.

Vinted is a mobile app that allows people to buy, sell and swap second-hand clothing, shoes and accessories, which is a sustainable way to shop and dispose of unwanted items. Using Vinted helps reduce waste and allows you to make some extra cash in the process. The app is user-friendly and easy to use – you upload photos, write descriptions and set prices for your items. People can browse listings by category, size, colour, etc., making it easy to find items that suit their preferences.

However, if you do not like the idea of using apps, at the end of the academic year there will also be a Love When You Leave scheme. Many donation points will be set up where you can leave your unwanted things. For more information, check this link.

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