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Meet the Team: North Campus RLAs

By bzellie 01 Aug 2021

Your North Campus RLAs live on site with you and will be running events for you throughout the year. Meet them below!


Name: Ashley
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Course: MSc Data Science and Analytics
Hobbies: Exploring, hiking, programming and eating.
Describe yourself in three words: Friendly, kind and dependable.
Message to the students in your Residence: Hi there, congrats on making it to Uni! Moving away from home into uni accommodation, can be really daunting, but fret not, the Res Life Team is here to help you settle in! Don’t let the scariness and stress from Uni get to you, if you need someone to chat with, we’d love to help! If you ever see me around Uni or during Res Life events, don't be afraid to say hi! I promise I wont bite. Hope to see you around! 😊


Name: Itasca
Hometown: Hong Kong
Course: MA Urban Design
Hobbies: Art, craft, anime, music, K-pop, J-pop, K-drama.
Describe yourself in three words: Cheerful, rational, listener.
Message to the students in your Residence: Welcome all to Cardiff University and hope you find joy for uni life here. I love Japanese and Korean culture so feel free if you want someone to chat with🤗


Name: Mia
Hometown: China
Course: Architecture
Hobbies: Drawing, film watching, reading and language learning.
Describe yourself in three words: Optimistic, responsible and calm.
Message to the students in your Residence: Stay positive, creative and caring. There’s always something new and brilliant to discover everyday!


Name: Freya
Hometown: Stafford, England
Course: Architecture
Hobbies: Reading and travelling.
Describe yourself in three words: Approachable, organised and creative.
Message to the students in your Residence: Enjoy and make the most of every moment you can!


Name: Svenja
Hometown: South Harrow
Course: Optometry
Hobbies: Yoga, playing keyboard and reading.
Describe yourself in three words: Organised, kind and creative.
Message to the students in your Residence: I hope you enjoy your time at residences and make some positive memories. The RLA team is here if you ever need any help.


Name: Liudvika 
Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania 
Course:  BSc Biomedical Sciences 

Hobbies:  Learning new languages and reading about crypto.
Describe yourself in three words: Compassionate, warm, optimistic.
Message to the students in your Residence: Changing environments is always stressful, but don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to make you feel at home away from home!


Name: Mekhala
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Course: BA Journalism and Communications

Hobbies: Learning new languages and gaming.
Describe yourself in three words: Vibrant, calm and fun.
Message to the students in your Residence: Always Free For a Cuppa!


Name: Meray
Hometown: London
Course: Optometry

Hobbies: Playing tennis and solving any form of puzzle.
Describe yourself in three words: Determined, loyal and patient.
Message to the students in your Residence: While this stage of your life can be nerve wracking, we're here to help you settle down, make friends and most importantly, have fun!


Name: Shivika 
Hometown: Delhi, India 
Course: Journalism and Communications 
Hobbies: Reading, writing and content creation
Describe yourself in three words: Motivated, positive and ambitious.
Message to the students in your Residence: Your time living in university residences is a valuable and unique experience. You make tons of friends and memories here. It is not always the easiest ride however, and this is why the Residence Life Assistants are available to help you. Do not hesitate to approach us just for a chat or fun events.


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