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Please note: all photos were taken pre-covid and social distancing.

Cartwright RLAs


Meet the Team: Cartwright Court RLAs

By bzellie 01 Aug 2021

Your Cartwright RLAs live on site with you and will be running events for you throughout the year. Meet them below!


Name: Matthew
Hometown: Watford, UK
Course: Computer Science
Academic Year: Fifth Year
Hobbies: Piano, just about anything tech-related, programming, and walking.
Describe yourself in three words: Easy-going, efficient & introverted.
Message to the students in your Residence: Welcome to Cartwright! We hope that you come to enjoy living here and your time at Uni. Come see us if you need any tips or support on living in halls.


Name: Sasha 
Hometown: Midlands
Course: Psychology
Academic Year: Third Year

Hobbies: Humanitarianism, painting, being outdoors.
Describe yourself in three words: Dedicated, ambitious and thoughtful.
Message to the students in your Residence: Come to as many residence life events as possible!


Name: Max
Hometown: Hertford
Course: Music
Academic Year: Fourth Year
Hobbies: Football and music.
Describe yourself in three words: Active yet available.
Message to the students in your Residence: Enjoy your time with us! We're right here if you ever need help with anything or just someone to talk to. In the meantime, have fun and best of luck to all of you in your adjustment and beginning of this new exciting chapter of your lives!


Name: Paul
Hometown: Warri, Nigeria
Course: Philosophy
Academic Year: Fourth Year
Hobbies: Football.
Describe yourself in three words: Focussed, dependable and disciplined.
Message to the students in your Residence: Have fun and enjoy the experience of learning!


Name: Uzair
Hometown: Birmingham
Course: Medicine
Academic Year: Fourth Year
Hobbies: Gym, family time and solo travel
Describe yourself in three words: Approachable, relaxed and optimistic!
Message to the students in your Residence: Hello all and welcome to your home away from home!  I'm going to be supporting you throughout your stay at Cartwright Court.  I enjoy going for walks in my spare time. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the next few months and help make your transition to university life nice and smooth.


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