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Meal prep ideas

By bzellie 20 Aug 2020

Everyone loves food, but not everyone loves cooking.

It might also be the fact that cooking is not something a person necessarily enjoys or have time to cook. From personal experience, coming home to ready food is an amazing feeling. Another nice feeling is to go through a busy day of lectures and you only have to heat up your dinner. In order for this to work, meal preps are required. Buying lunch every day will get expensive eventually, this cost piles up. In most of the university buildings, there is a microwave somewhere that students can use. Being a busy student, I found that spending about an hour in the weekend preparing food for the week is ideal. For starters, you will require Tupperware that are freezer and microwave safe (I got mine from Amazon). To make meal preps that are tasty and healthy, you will require 3 main components: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and Vegetables

Selecting your base ingredients is essential to keep you going through the day and makes you look forward to having the meal you prepared for yourself. They can change each week as you should keep varied so you do'nt get bored of eating the same thing.

  1. Choosing the Carbohydrates: For those who do not know, carbohydrates include rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, etc. Make sure your carb option matches your vegetables and protein. 
  2. Choosing the Protein: Whether you are a Vegan or not, protein is a vital part of your meal. Going from Chicken, fish, beef, lamb to beans, peas, soy mince, etc. the varieties are endless. 
  3. Choosing the Fats: It might be that you are using olive oil to cook or adding avocados to your meal. Healthy fats are essential for our body to function properly and efficiently. Adding about a handful of nuts to your meal would be enough.
  4. Choosing the vegetables: When it comes to veggies, I would stick with greens and keep it simple. Broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc. Throw in any kind of vegetable you personally like or if it goes well with your meal.
a plastic container of food

At the point where you have chosen the base ingredients of your meal, you can add anything extra if desired, such as sauces. Below are some examples of my personal favorites when it comes to meal preps.

1. Chicken, Rice & Broccoli

It is the classic, healthy go-to meal. It is extremely flexible as the base ingredients have already been chosen. It is your choice to play with the way they are cooked.

Easiest method of making it: 

  • Season the chicken breast with whatever seasoning you would like. Salt & pepper are simple and work great. You can add olive oil if you want, but it is not required.
  • Place in the oven at 200°C for 20 minutes. 
  • Add the rice to a pot (any kind of rice works).
  • Add enough hot water, such that it is a 1 to 1.5 ratio of rice to water.
  • Place on medium heat for 15 minutes.
  • Steam the Broccoli for a few minutes, or until it is cooked through.
  • Divide into 5 equal portions and place in the fridge.

That is all it takes. You can add as much as you like, whether you eat a lot for lunch or just a little. Ideally, the meal preps last about 5 days in the fridge, so it should be just enough to last a week.

a close up of a plate of food with broccoli

2. Tuna

For the salad lovers, this one is for you. Even if you are not very fond of salads, you will love this one. It is very quick to make as nothing actually requires cooking. You will just have to mix everything together.

  • Take the tuna out of the tin and place in a bowl. 4 packs of tuna should last a week easily
  • Wash lettuce (I suggest Iceberg lettuce) and add it.
  • Add any veg of choice. I like to go with olives, sweetcorn and kidney beans.
  • Add in olive oil, salt, pepper and mayo, if desired.
  • Mix it all together, then portion into 5.
a bowl of fruit on a plate

3. Burritos

How can you go wrong with Burritos? You can literally put in whatever you want in a wrap, and it will be delicious. Below is my burrito of choice

  • Dice up a chicken breast and cook it in a pan with some oil.
  • I personally like to have rice in the burrito, so if you have some left-over rice that works perfectly. If not, make some rice with the directions mentioned in the first meal prep idea.
  • I like to go with black beans, sweetcorn, jalapenos and cheese.
  • Make sure to make enough filling for the burrito so it can be nice and stuffed. 
  • Split the filling equally into 5 tortilla’s and place in containers.
two burritos on a plate


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