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Magic in the seasons! Welsh weather from an international student to international students

By GiftyRLA 03 Jan 2023

A chilly weather welcomed me to Cardiff with my three heavy suitcases and no prior pick-up arrangements. How I got to my destination is a topic for another article. Today, let’s just talk about what I describe as beautiful and temperamental, the Welsh Weather! It can get sunny, warm, chilly, rainy and everything-in-between at the same time! But don’t you worry, pay attention to the seasons, temperatures, the weather updates and all is sorted! I’ll tell you about the different seasons and the temperatures to expect with them; climate change notwithstanding.

Seasons and Temperatures

Winter December - February 8°C - 9 °C
March – May
11°C - 18 °C
June - August
21.5 °C – 23.5 °C
September - November
11°C - 20 °C

Some essentials

Let’s go through what I consider to be the most essential 10 must haves to take on the Welsh weather as an international student. Remember, with each of these seasons comes what to wear, what to do, what to drink and I am not even kidding! Cold drinks when it’s warm and hot drinks when it’s cold.


I hate raincoats but I bought one. It’s a lifesaver when it rains. Your clothes (perhaps laptop) remain dry, you get to keep both hands without dedicating one to an umbrella, and you move around as quickly as you want. I bought mine online; it was not as nice as I’d expected so if you’re conscious about how you look in clothes, try Primark (good for budget shopping) at the City Center and try it out first before you buy it. Don’t worry if you prefer clicking like me, UK laws cover you for a return within almost one month!  


I love fancy lady bags so carrying a big umbrella has never been a thing for me but that was one of my mistakes. In Wales, you need a STRONG umbrella because the rain comes with strong winds. I bought my umbrella for 4 pounds at Co-op (They don’t only sell food) but you can buy umbrellas for under 4 pounds. I went for a smaller one and I had to replace it because it broke. But the truth is, it was very useful. Just try bigger ones if you want to buy it once.

Rain boots

You certainly want to protect your feet from the rain so don’t destroy your expensive shoes; not when the weather updates show it is going to rain!

Hot Water bottle/pouch

These are very easy to find for between 3 to £20 (you know what to do). I have two of them and they keep me warm, especially when the hall’s heating system is out. The heating systems are centrally controlled and set to go off at certain temperatures. If someone has extra heating in your flat, chances are your room is always cold, you can report for it to be checked but warm up whiles you wait.

Water Bottles

You must have seen that almost everyone carries one around. It saves you coffee and iced tea money in both warm and cold seasons. It keeps you warm and rehydrated and it is safe to have water with you all the time.

Warm Clothing/Jackets

Know your body temperature and find clothes that keep you warm. You can try having layers and easily take some off when you feel warm. I find it easier to have a good coat or a stuffed jacket.  

A kettle

If you don’t live in shared accommodation or the accommodation does not have a shared kettle, please get one. I have a small one from Amazon for tea, more regularly.  Buy ESSENTIALS C17JKW17 Jug Kettle - White | Currys.  This is way cheaper than mine. I wonder why I didn’t see it earlier.

a woman preparing food in a kitchen

Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Pick your choice and stuff your cupboard! The warmth from drinking tea/coffee has kept me warm, cold, and awake when necessary. You still need them when it gets warm.


Offers you another layer of warmth and comfort aside from the radiator in your room. It will kiss you goodnight and there are good and cheap ones in most stores at the City Centre.

Weather Alerts/Apps.

 I am bad but with following daily weather forecasts, but I have regretted it many times. Don’t be like me! It pays to follow weather alerts, so you know how to dress and stay warm, especially this chilly winter season.

I hope you found this useful. Leave us a comment of what you’d love to read next or what you would have loved to see in this piece for next time.