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Please note: all photos were taken pre-covid and social distancing.

a lake with a mountain in the background


In Retrospect...

By ChigozieRLA 05 Jun 2022

The sunny days are here, 
The butterflies are flying around us, 
Pollinating the flowers, 

Scenting our fields. 

The long readings are over, 
The marathon assessments and exams. 
The pens are laid to rest. 

The brains have taken a deserved rest. 

However, in this spring/summer, 
The hard works, the stress, the readings, 
Parts the way to a great future, 

A future so beautiful and enviable. 

Life has always been a paradox, 
Of stress and enjoyment, 
Work and holidays, 
Research, assessments, and triumphs, 

Workloads and achievements. 

It's an end to a session, 
A beginning to another session, 
An avenue to relax the brain, 
From the accumulation of worthwhile knowledge, 

To knowledge that can change the world. 

So, enjoy, laugh, sing. 
Dance, play, fall in love. 
You deserve it. 
A beautiful spring/summer holiday, 
Before autumn comes.


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