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How YOU can help save the planet

By ThanoushaRLA 25 Feb 2021

Here are ten simple ways you can help the fight against climate change:

1. Reduce waste

The amount of waste we produce is a huge contributor to the climate crisis. Although recycling is a good alternative to using a general bin, reducing waste overall is even better for the environment. You can reduce your waste by upcycling and finding other uses for products you were going to throw away. Investing in reusable products can also be smart, for example purchasing a Cardiff University Water Bottle, which can be found at the SU Shop Love Cardiff!

2. Shop sustainable

This step is extremely significant when thinking about how to save the environment. We can all make better choices by buying less single-use plastic products, using reusable shopping bags (Love Cardiff also has some fabulous Cardiff University Cotton Tote Bags available) and shopping at local grocery stores. Buying food that is in season can also make a difference, as it is grown locally and fossil fuels are not used to transport it across the world. It’ll also mean the food is cheaper and fresher.

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3. Volunteer

Volunteering in the fight against climate change is a great way to make a difference. You can find volunteering opportunities on the Student’s Union website, click the link here to find a project or even start up your own. 

4. Try out a plant-based diet

You don’t have to commit to a fully vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, but adapting a few meals a week can really make a difference to the environment. Eating less meat reduces the overall emission of Global Warming Potential gases. It can also make a healthier change to your lifestyle. You can find some great vegan recipes on our Browzer page here. 

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5. Travel responsibly

Finding alternative transportation to cars and buses can highly reduce your carbon footprint. Walking or cycling is much greener, and it is also great for getting your daily exercise! If using a car is necessary, consider doing a ride-share with friends or family.

6. Be informed

This is one of the most important tips! Staying informed and actively researching the climate crisis is the best way of helping to solve it. Find ways to contribute and be more conscious in your lifestyle choices.

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7. Save water

Taking shorter showers saves energy. Always be mindful in your daily life of how much energy you are using, and make sure to keep the water off when not actively using it.

8. Light bulbs

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs is excellent for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room!

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9. Save paper

Making notes on your laptop instead of writing them on paper is a simple way of being greener. Using a whiteboard to make to-do lists is another way to save paper.

10. Educate

We can use our voices to inform others in so many different ways. Having a conversation with your friends can help them think about their impact, and suggesting ways that you and your housemates can save energy will really make a difference. Attend climate strikes, marches, and spread awareness through social media. There is so much we can do: even the smallest changes are a positive step towards saving the planet.

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