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How to access our events!

By bzellie 04 Sep 2020

Res Life is such a massive part of university life and we have so many exciting events coming your way!

When living in university accommodation for the very first time, it can be a bit difficult to get to know students in your residence. Hence, your Residence Life Team hosts social events accessible to all students, free of charge. The purpose of these events is to bring the students of a certain accommodation/campus together for them to get know each of other better. Usually, we host our regular events multiple days a week, such as Coffee Lounges, Board Game Nights and even Waffle Nights (Cartwright Court exclusive). A few times a month, we host slightly bigger events. These events include multi-cultural themes like Curry Night and Middle Eastern feasts. 

Due to the pandemic, some of our events are now online but some are still in-person too. We have a ton of events planned out for the time being! To access those, you will first need to register on Eventbrite. This registration process helps us get a good estimate of the number of students we should expect to better organise the events. The process is very simple but is necessary. 

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Steps to use Eventbrite:

  1. Go to
  2. Have a look through the events we have on. 
  3. Select the event that interests you.
  4. Fill in the details (use your university email).
  5. Hooray! You now have your ticket.

You should now receive an email containing the required information to access a certain event, which is usually a direct link to a Zoom call or a Netflix Party. When you click the link, it should take you directly to the call’s waiting list and a member of our staff will let you in as soon as possible.

If you have any further question about any of our events, we will be happy to answer them. Just send your query to We also have an Instagram page where we post content from our events and any upcoming ones. The Insta username is ResidenceLifeCU, so give us a follow!


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