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Giving Back and Helping Others

By GeorgiaRLA 20 May 2021

Support local businesses

Going to your local will go a long way in supporting these small businesses. They increase the local economy and majority of the time give back to the community. Buying local is even better for the environment too as there is less importing emissions and a lower cost! 


Volunteer in your community

Signing up to volunteer in your community is a important way to give back. There are many different areas to look into; this can be volunteering at a local dog shelter or even litter picking around your town. Volunteering is a feel-good activity that help others and overall make you feel good. The variety of volunteering opportunities are endless and very flexible!


Donating blood

It only takes 15 minutes to donate blood and give back to others that are in need. Here this quick and easy action has the ability to impact up to three people's lives! Knowing the impact you have directly on a person makes this worth it. Donation sites can be found all around the UK so go and have a look if this is something that you may want to do.  


Have a sort out

Have you been putting off the tidying up and in need of a pre-summer sort out? Then why not give yourself a little time to go through all the things you may not need but are not necessarily rubbish and donate to a local charity or food bank. By giving back to these places, you not only reduce the amount of waste but make second-hand items accessible to everybody. Who does not love a charity shop haul? 


Adopt an endangered species

Animals are the way to the heart. Do you love rhinos, monkeys, giraffes? Then why not adopt one! Knowing that you have adopted an animal is a fantastic way to help your community and protect the animals in the wildlife around you. Organizations like WWF let you pick from a large range of endangered animals that you can protect. So, have some spare money or need a simple but lovely gift for someone you love? Then adopt an animal. 





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