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Four Great Study YouTubers to Follow

By ArthurRLA 02 Feb 2023

Ever felt like you needed a study buddy or inspiration? Well, worry no more. 

The study tubers below are some of my favourites and are guaranteed to help you fine-tune your study skills as we go into the final semester of the year. I hope you find comfort from them through the stress of academic life, pick some advice on everything from how to write notes to the best ways to destress after an exam.

Ruby Granger

Ruby graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in English literature. She often publishes movies on StudyTube that cover her last year, the best study advice, and extremely useful material. She is also your go-to person for inspirational films that are peaceful and, occasionally, intense revision videos and vlogs that are centred around her life.
Plus, Hermione Granger, the resident bookworm from the Harry Potter books, inspired her channel name!

Jack Edwards 

A master of puns and a jack of all trades. Jack is the resident librarian at YouTube and a Durham University English Literature graduate. He frequently vlogs from college and is open about experiencing rejection. Jack also creates pun-filled book reviews and pop culture analyses through a literary lens. This channel is ideal if you want to read and laugh at dad jokes.

Eve Cornwell

One of the best editors on this list, Eve's films are full of relaxed advice and are amusing, motivating, accessible, and approachable. She received her degree from Bristol University, and in her career as a Magic circle lawyer, she has accomplished amazing things. Her movies emphasise voyage documentation with humour, caffeine, and a LOT of law.

Ibz Mo

This Studytube celebrity, who recently graduated from Cambridge University, combines sass with study tips. One of the first members of this group I ever watched, he spoke so passionately about learning and how to succeed academically while still being hysterically relatable in his endeavours. This is the man for you if you need some light relaxation from the pressures of studying!

Who is your favorite StudyTuber?



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