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Finding the perfect society for you

By PraiseRLA 24 Jun 2021

Moving away from home for university can be daunting. However, finding a community of people who have similar interests as you is one way of settling in and improving your entire university experience.

Despite the restrictions that are in place due to the current pandemic, many societies in Cardiff University have explored and provided virtual opportunities for students to participate in their activities. Some have had ‘Give it a go’ sessions already and many have started taking in new members.  This write-up aims to give you some tips to help you decide which society or societies to join. Here are some points to bear in mind as you search for the perfect society for you:

Know your interests

There is a diverse range of societies that are available for you to join. Some are course-based, others are cultural, ideological, skill-based, etc.  Depending on what you enjoy doing, you can filter through all the options and choose one or more societies that interest you the most.

In order to have a feel of what the society is about and how it runs, it is a good idea to drop in for one of their events or meetings which they usually advertise on their page or on the student union website. For international students; joining a cultural society might give you an opportunity to meet more international students who have similar cultures as yours. Likewise, home students can join cultural societies to experience different cultures from all over the world!

Know your Why.

We all have different reasons for wanting to join a society. For example, I joined a singing society in my first year because I wanted to improve musically and to meet more singers like me. After attending one of the sessions, I enjoyed it! Likewise, you might want to join a society to improve on a skill you already have, to learn a new skill or simply to network and socialise with people who have similar interests as you do. Knowing why you want to join a society may help you to decide which society fits your interests well enough and the type of community you want to belong to.

Know your Schedule

Every society has its structure. Some societies meet weekly, some biweekly, some have a fixed meeting time and some have different times for different events. It might be a good idea to ask for the frequency and the time for the meetings so that you can work check if it fits well with your schedule. Having this in mind will help you decide how much time you can commit and if you will be available for not just the meetings but also the socials.

Membership fees

In order to be a registered member of a society, you need to pay a fixed fee of £6.00 to the Guild of societies; a body that is set up to support all the societies affiliated with the university. Secondly, you may also be required to pay for a membership fee that covers the entire academic year or might be split per semester, depending on the society you join.

Here is the link to the Student Union's page for Societies

I hope the above points have been helpful and I wish you an amazing academic year as you find your place in Cardiff University!




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