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Exploring Cardiff's coffee shops

By AshleyRLA 27 Jun 2021

On the cold winter days to the warm summer evenings, many cafes remain open around Cardiff that serve wonderfully delicious coffee. Be it a creamy mocha or a buttery flaky pastry, the cafes in Cardiff will surely have something that will warm your heart.

Here are 4 cafes that you can visit and explore to taste the delicious coffee culture. It even gives you a chance to visit many places around Cardiff!

1. Penylan Pantry

Located on Kimberly Road, just approximately 100m down the road from Roath House Surgery, students from University Hall can come to Penylan Pantry to enjoy some freshly ground coffee in their cafe. Serving a wide range of coffee products and pastries, Penylan Pantry puts a different type of coffee bean each day, giving those who visit a chance to enjoy the interesting and deliciousness of coffee culture. This is a great place to visit for a nice day off after a walk in Roath Park which is a small walk away.

Situated in Cardiff Bay, this lovely cafe is a perfect place to chill and relax after a day out. A 10 minute walk from the pier, Quantum Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to hangout to enjoy their wide range of coffee products and pastries. With a beautifully decorated interior, its scenic view of Cardiff Bay is the optimal place to enjoy a nice weekend afternoon with your friends chatting. An interesting cafe to visit if you ever plan to visit Cardiff Bay!

3. 200 Degrees

Located on Cardiff Queen Street or a 5-10 minute walk from Bute Park, it is lovely cafe that stands in the heart of Cardiff City Centre. 200 Degrees Cafe offers a wide range of coffee products and drinks, along with a wide range of delicious pastries to enjoy after a nice afternoon shop in Cardiff Queen Street. It has a rustic atmosphere with a lovely view of the hustle and bustle of Cardiff. 200 Degrees is also a barista school, with a wide range of courses relating to coffee that anybody can sign up to. Its delicious coffee and warm atmosphere certainly make the cafe a lovely place to spend the afternoon in.

4. Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Pettigrew's is a favourite with the locals, and can be found right next to Cardiff Castle bordering Bute Park. It is a very charming cafe that shares the castle's aesthetic and has a vast selection of mouth watering pastries and bakes on sale, its freshly ground coffee and delicious drinks are not to be missed either. It is the perfect place for anyone looking to spend their lunch time if you're in town and fancy a nice afternoon tea.