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Everything You Need To Know About Saint David's Day

By NiamhIntern 01 Feb 2023


Since joining Cardiff University, it’s likely that you’ve spoken to fellow students that are Welsh and you may have heard mention of Saint David or Saint David’s Day. So, who is Saint David and how is the day celebrated?

When is Saint David’s Day?

Saint David’s Day happens every year on March 1st.

Who is Saint David?

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales, meaning that he acts as a protector for the country. When he was alive many years ago, it is said that his actions were surrounded by miracles – most famously, he raised the ground he was standing on into a hill so that a large crowd of people could see him speak. He was greatly admired throughout Wales and is still an important symbol of the country. Despite dying long ago in the year 589, stories and celebration of his actions live on in the present day!

How is Saint David’s Day celebrated?

Throughout Wales, towns and cities will hold gatherings and parades every year to celebrate Saint David and demonstrate Welsh pride. It is also customary to wear leeks or daffodils, as they are the national emblems of Wales and are symbolic of Welsh culture.

In Cardiff city centre, the National Saint David’s Day Parade is held every year. This includes live performances from a variety of dancers and theatre groups, so be sure to get involved on March 1st!

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