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Easy home fitness exercises

By VictoryRLA 06 Mar 2021

The closure of gymnastic centres has been a great setback for many people in these unprecedented times. However, your fitness can be achieved in the comfort of your homes. There are some simple exercises that can be done in our rooms to keep us in shape. Among the various forms of workouts, a few cardio exercises that can be done from home with no equipment consist of:

  • High knees.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Burpees.

Cardio workout keeps the heart, lungs, and muscles healthy. In general, exercising helps us mentally and emotionally, making us feel happier. Cardio workout is a good remedy for weight loss, muscle building, increase in stamina, reduction in chronic diseases, increases skin health, and enhances the quality of sleep. See Better Health NHS for more tips.

High knees

One of the best forms of cardio workout is the high knee. It is performed by running on a spot, with your knees raised high. The knees should be elevated up to the chest level while running at a sprinting pace on a spot. This intense cardio workout engages your leg muscles, increases your heart rate, improves your flexibility and momentum. Performing your high knees in combination with other workout plans can be beneficial to your health.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is one of the best forms of body weight loss. It is a total body workout that involves a combination of aerobic and resistance workout. It is beneficial for the lungs, heart, and muscle. For starters, it is ideal to start slowly and keep a repetition. The first step involves standing upright with both hands at your sides. Jump up with your feet spread apart with your hands above your head. Jump again with your hands lowering. 


Burpees is another home fitness workout that is beneficial to the body. It helps to improve blood flow, lowers blood pressure. It also improves the heart, lungs, cholesterol levels, brain function, and enhances body muscles. Performing these workouts during lockdown is one of the best ways to stay in shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  For more cardio workouts, see Healthline.



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