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Creating an optimal space for studying and online exams

By ZahraRLA 17 Apr 2024

It’s slowly nearing that dreaded time again- exam season! Many of you will be sitting exams, either in person, or you might be lucky and have them online. Either way, it can be a stressful time. Creating an optimal space to study and complete online exams is essential.

  1.  Remove any clutter from your desk. Not only is this overwhelming to look at, but it also stops you from having enough room to get all your supplies out.
  2. Allocate spaces for different things. Following on from point 1, make sure you know where all your supplies are, and maybe lay out your notes neatly so they are all visible. This is particularly helpful in an online exam, where you may need to locate notes quickly. By the way, this does not include your phone, your phone does not need to be on your desk! This is one of the biggest distractions- put it in a safe space where you cannot see it so you won’t be tempted to use it.
  1. Invest in a lamp. If you are living in student halls, the main light tends to be very bright and clinical. Having a lamp with a gentler light will create a nice ambience, making your space look, and be, more comfortable to work in.
  2. Have nice decorations and pictures around. If you are feeling demotivated, which is totally normal, having nice things to look at around you may motivate you and get you back on track. Photos of my family and friends help me to stay motivated because I can look forward to seeing them as soon as exams are over!
  3. Be prepared. If you have an online exam, prepare your space beforehand. Make sure your notes are neatly out and you have snacks and drinks nearby if you need them, so you won’t get distracted in the kitchen talking to housemates’ mid-way through your study session or exam!

Remember: this stress is only temporary, good luck everyone and don’t forget to prioritise yourself during this time! :)



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