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Communal living

By bzellie 18 Aug 2020

If in student accommodation, you will be staying in shared flats/houses that include sharing kitchens and toilets (different for ensuites and studios). Since the former facilities are typically shared with other students, it is of no doubt that you already have some questions regarding the overall picture.

We have put together several questions which are commonly asked and have answered them for you!

1. Who cleans the toilets/kitchen in the house or flat?

The cleaning team comes by once a week to clean all the shared areas: kitchens, toilets and hallways. If you are living in an ensuite or studio, your toilet (and/or kitchen) is your own responsibility. The cleaning team will not be responsible to clean it (them). 

2. How to share the kitchen space?

There should be enough space in the kitchen for each person staying in a house/flat: a small and a big cupboard and a shelf in the fridge and freezer. Please do not place your belongings in more than the given number of cupboards/shelves as it is divided equally. If you see that someone is not using it and you have a lot of belongings, you could ask them nicely if you can keep your things there temporarily.

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3. What are Quiet Hours?

This is a rule set by Residences which basically sets a time where students are expected to remain quiet. This is because some students could be on placements and must get up early or simply that someone is trying to get some sleep. The time to keep it down is between 11PM and 7AM every day. Please be as considerate to your neighbours as you can!

4. Who takes out the bins?

When the bins are almost full in the kitchens and toilets, it is your responsibility to take them out. To make it fair for everyone, we suggest you make a bin rota and divide it amongst yourselves. If you do not do that within the time ranges set by the residences, then the cleaners will allocate students randomly and charges will arise for the whole flat/house if rules are failed to be abided. 

5. How to keep the kitchen clean?

In order to have a nice and tidy kitchen, we recommend you to constantly clean up after yourselves. If you cook and accidentally spill or drop something, please do pick it up and clean it. Even though the cleaning team will take care of the kitchen, if it is in a bad state, they will not clean and they will also charge you for it. They normally post warning letters and if the issue persists then charges will be applied. However, if it happens again a charge of £30 will be set to the flat/house.

6. How to share bathrooms?

A toilet is the most frequently used shared facility in communal living. To maintain clean and hygienic bathrooms, you must clean after yourselves. Leave it ready for your flatmates just the way you would like it yourself. Be mindful of how much time you spend in the shower as others may want to use it too.

7. I have a problem with one of my flatmates, what should I do?

No matter how big or small your issue is with a person who is living with you, you should always let someone in your accommodation reception know. They will try to get it sorted as soon as possible and also refer to support services if necessary. If the issue is impacting you or your flatmates' wellbeing, you can also contact Student Connect for support.

8. Is it okay to use other people’s belongings?

Since most of the students leave their utensils, plates, food, etc. in the kitchen, please do not use them. If you made an agreement with your flatmates to use each other’s belongings, that is great! However, if someone did mention not to use their items, do not assume they have something against you. They probably do not prefer sharing what they own for many reasons.

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For more tips on cleaning, check out our How to... clean your flat article!

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