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Catering in Residences

By bzellie 20 Aug 2020

In some university accommodations, food is provided at certain times of the day as either part of their residence contract or if they are willing to pay for it. To opt for the food provided in those residences, you should have chosen a ‘part catered’ option when selecting your room online. This is done before you arrive in Cardiff. Part Catered students will receive dinner. This catering option is great for busy students that do not have time to cook, or simply those who cannot cook. As mentioned earlier, not all accommodations provide this service. This is because some residences are smaller than others and do not have the facilities, such as a kitchen on-campus to cook the food. If you have visitors over that want to enjoy the buffet, the student who lives there will have to visit the reception of the accommodation during the working hours and pay for the meal, they will then be given a slip to hand to the Chef.

Below are the catering options for the residences:

Part Catered: 

  • Senghennydd Court
  • Senghennydd Hall
  • Gordon Hall
  • Aberdare Hall

Food is served in an open buffet style between given times.

Aberdare Hall

a dining room table
  • Monday to Friday:  Meals are served between 17:45 – 18:30. No meals are served during vacations and on bank holidays.

Senghennydd Court & Hall and Gordon Hall

a dining room table

The food, for the previously mentioned residences, is provided in the Trevithick Restaurant and can be found in the Queen’s Building (Engineering Building). It is about a 5 min walk away from all those accommodations.

  • Monday to Friday: Meals are served between 15:00 – 21:00. No meals are served during vacations and on bank holidays.

In order to not miss your meals, please arrive promptly. If you would not like to dine in for any reason, you can ask for a takeaway box. You will be asked to present your student ID as well as your Residence Card to have your meal.

For more information about catering in Residences, head to the intranet to learn more.