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A Guide to Self Discipline

By EllieRLA 19 Dec 2022

Self discipline is something that most people strive to achieve in order to achieve their goals. The concept is rather broad, but often is considered to be 'the key to success'. In order to develop this skill, it is important to ask questions such as: What is self discipline? Why is it important? How can I achieve it? How will it benefit me? 

1. What is self discipline?

Finding a definition for a concept rather than something tangible is often challenging as it leads to several differing ones. Self discipline is no exception to this, and will likely mean something different to each person. However, the definition I have found most widely applicable is:

Self discipline is about your abilitiy to control your desires and impulses for long enough to stay focused on what needs to be done successfully to achieve your goal. It is about taking small, consistent daily actions that help you form critical habits which support your objectives.

This can be widely adapted, but in essence is explaining that forming small, healthy habits will help achieve goals.

2. Why is it important?

Self discipline is an important skill to develop because it keeps you focused and enables goals to be reached in a timely manner. Whether this is a fitness goal, university work, or anything else, being able to focus on the task at hand consistently will make completing it easier! The more you practice, the easier it becomes. Further, when applying for jobs it will be fundamental to demonstrate that you can meet deadlines. This will be particularly important if you have several due in a short space of time, and is something most students have to deal with at university! Employers value self driven individuals who are confident at handling tasks; implementing healthy habits now will enable you to thrive in the workplace.

3. How does one achieve it? 

There are many ways to achieve this, but here are a few of my tips to help you along: 

- Be clear about what it is you want to accomplish.

- Evaluate why you want to achieve this as a goal.

- Remove any distractions. 

- Prioritise the most valued tasks and activities.

- Track your progress.

- Check in with yourself and if you are doing everything you can.



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