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5 ways to help reduce stress and relax

By ResLife 16 Nov 2020

While healthy stress can be motivational, unhealthy (chronic) stress can have a number of adverse effects on your body, such as increased blood pressure and tiredness.

Finding some time to relax from daily stress is essential to our overall well-being and is a good way to increase the quality of our life. Below are five ways to relax and reduce stress levels: 

  1. Self-expression
    When stressed, you might have some repressed thoughts and feelings, or you might be over-thinking. It is therefore important to express your thoughts and feelings and there are several ways to do that. You could talk to someone you feel close to, such as a friend or family member. If you want to express your feelings without feeling judged, you could write them down in a journal. You could also express your feelings by drawing, singing, exercising and playing an instrument. 

  2. Music
    Music is a powerful relaxation tool. When you listen to slower music, your heart rate is reduced which helps you relax. You can choose from a great variety of songs, put your headphones on, go to a place you feel comfortable and just feel the stress go away. Alternatively, you can listen to the sounds of nature or other relaxing sounds.

  3. Walking
    Walking is great not just for relaxation, but also as physical activity, as it has important health benefits. You can walk for half an hour every day and go through different routes each time to explore the city. One of the best places to go for a walk is the park and this combines the relaxing effects of exercise and nature. You can listen to nature sounds (or music on your headphones) while walking at the park and experience the calming effect of the surrounding green colour.

  4. Qigong 
    Qigong is a great way to relax, practice mindfulness and deep breathing and is widely used for its health benefits. Its philosophy is to achieve balance of qi (life energy). You can watch 10-minute videos on YouTube and practice it in your room or in your garden. There is a great range of free videos available on the Internet and it may also have a benefit against several diseases.

  5. Self-massage
    This is another great way to feel relaxed. You can lightly tap your shoulders, arms, lower back and legs. You can also massage your neck especially after working many hours on a computer. Massaging your hands has important health benefits and eases muscle tension. After overeating, you can also rub your stomach in clockwise circles to aid digestion.
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“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” –Eckhart Tolle


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