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5 Study Tips for Exam Season

By NiamhIntern 01 Dec 2022

Now that you’ve made it through a whole term at Cardiff University, the January exam period is fast approaching and you’re probably starting to think about doing revision. While this can seem intimidating, we’ve prepared 5 useful tips that will help to ensure that you ace your university exams!

  1. Sleep well – While it can be tempting to pull all-nighters during this period to get those extra hours of cramming in, resist the temptation – your body and mind will thank you! Getting 7-8 hours sleep per night will improve your focus and mood, allowing you to retain more information when you revise during the day.
  2. Follow a routine – Although routines aren’t for everybody, it’s much easier to get things done when they’re planned into your day! Having a rough timetable which incorporates study time into your daily activities will ensure that you have enough time to do the work you need to, making you better prepared in the long run.
  3. Remove distractions – We’ve all been there – you sit down to do revision, check a notification on your phone and 2 hours later you’re still scrolling and the flashcards haven’t been touched. To help avoid this situation, try placing your phone in a different room or using an app like Forest which will discourage you from opening your phone. Not only should this help you to remember information better, you’ll also likely take less time to get your revision done, giving you more space for fun activities in your day!
  4. Study to suit your learning style – There is no correct way to revise – if writing out flashcards and going over lecture notes doesn’t help you to remember information then definitely don’t do it, regardless of what your friends or teachers may tell you! If you find that pictures, videos or podcasts help you to retain information better, then make your revision methods reflect this – try making mind-maps, recording yourself talking about certain topics or making a video explaining key concepts!
  5. Don’t overwork yourself! – During stressful periods of revision and exams, it can be easy to neglect the things you love and only focus on your academics. However, it’s important to take time to relax and have fun as well as to study and revise  - make sure you regularly spend time with friends, go outdoors and enjoy your hobbies. This will also help to make sure you don’t overwork yourself and experience burnout, which can at times be even worse than not revising enough!

 Now that you’re equipped with revision tips, you should be ready to take on the exam period whilst still managing to have fun and enjoy university life. Good luck!


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