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5 apps that your uni email gives you extended access to

By MatthewRLA 17 Apr 2021


Everyone is probably familiar with this program. An audio and video conferencing program that allows you to meet virtually with various people. The great part of it is that when using your Cardiff University Account, as the University has an enterprise version of zoom you can freely meet with up to 300 people, with no time limit. You are also allowed to use it for personal use so you can use it to communicate with your friends and family too, which is great for both group working as well as staying in contact with people during COVID. Just go to and login with your University login to get started with using it.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Applications are all definitely useful programs during your time in University. These are also available free of charge through your University Account, you can use both the online version or download the full software by going to and logging in with your University Account. Then select Install Office to install on your machine. 


Going on from Microsoft Office, if you log in to OneDrive using your University Account, the University provides 1TB of OneDrive storage during your time at University. It works alongside Office Applications so you can work collaboratively with other people, or like me, you can just use it for storing files that you want to access from anywhere, for backing up files, or just for saving space on your laptop. There is also an app available so you can access files from your phone as well. Although please remember when sharing sensitive content only share with people who should have access to it. 


This is a note-taking, to-do list and organisation app. It's great for keeping track of what projects and tasks you have, just general note-taking, as well as typing lecture notes. I used to just type my notes out in word but then found the organisation features and the way you can attach various files such as slides and images to the notes makes it so much better for keeping track of work and staying organised. There are apps for your phone and computer and they all sync together as well so you can do it on multiple devices. Also if you sign up with your University account you get free access to the Pro Version which adds more features to it.


This app is pretty much the mobile version of Learning Central. You can log in to the app and you are able to access all your Course content as well as feedback and marks that your lecturers and course leaders have put up, great if you quickly need to get up a lecture slide or check your marks when you are not at a computer.

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