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4 Tips for Students fasting during Ramadan

By ImanRLA 07 Apr 2021

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the evening:

Recall, it is advised to drink an average of 3L of water a day, but preferably more if your consuming sugary drinks and caffeine. Keeping hydrated helps your brain to stay alert, which will help you to focus better on your studies. Always have a water bottle nearby during the night and set an alarm every hour to remind you to drink a cup of water. This will help to prevent any headaches or drowsiness during the day!

2. Take a power nap during the afternoon:

Naptime is not just for toddlers, with many top performers attesting to the power of this practice. A power nap works by relieving that feeling of sleepiness that we feel during Ramadan and can considerably improve alertness and performance. However, do NOT over-nap, because this can be counterproductive! Preferably, the nap should be taken at around 2pm and should last 25-30 minutes long!

3. Break your fast with dates:

Dates provide a natural supply of sugar. Eating just 2 dates at the beginning of the iftar meal can help to restore low blood sugar levels, thereby preventing headaches and providing your body with a much required energy boost. Moreover, dates are rich in minerals, such as potassium, copper and manganese and filled with fibre. Breaking your fast with dates is also in line with the Islamic tradition, and goes back to the time of Prophet Mohammad!

4. PLAN in advance:

Finally, use a dairy aimed at efficiently scheduling your revision, rest, prayer, exercise and meal prep, in advance!

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